Tyler’s USA Trip: Guest Post

** Tyler is currently travelling around the United States of America. He sent an e-mail to Miss Fraser to update her and the class on his trip so far. ** 

Guest Post: Tyler

I enjoyed the plane trip even though it was long.  We left Melbourne at 10am on the 9th and arrived in LA at 7am the same day. 

I have been here 8 days and have already seen so much.  In Washington DC I have seen the Smithsonian Castle, the US Capitol Building, The Pentagon, The Great Falls, The Washington Monument,  The White House, the Air and Space Museum, The Maryland University, Arlington Cemetery and the changing of the Guard,  The Lincoln Memorial, The Museum of Natural History and the Museum of American History.  Washington is amazing and all their Museums and Tours are free.



I then caught a train from Washington DC to New York.  New York is so different to Washington.  New York is so busy and exciting.   In New York I have  been the M&M World, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Madison Square Garden, Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Toys R Us (the largest Toys R Us store in the world, it even has a ferris wheel inside the shop), The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, 9/11 Memorial and I walked across Brooklyn Bridge.


Tomorrow I am going to Central Park to kick the footy with my Uncle, The Top of the Rock and to see the Lion King on Broadway.

My favourite things so far are M&M World as everything in the shop is an M&M and you can buy any colour M&M that you like.  I got M&M’s with my name and Go Tigers printed on them.


I also like the Statue of Liberty.  She is much bigger than I expected and she was made in France and was shipped over in 200 pieces and put together like a jigsaw puzzle.  She is made of Copper and is now green because copper turns green with age.

In Washington I really liked the Washington Monument as you can see so much from up the top.

I hope you all have a great school holidays.

Bye Tyler.