Meet the Unhuggables!

Today, all of the 3/4 students were lucky enough to Skype with the Museum of Natural Science in North Carolina, USA.


We spoke to Kaytee, who showed us at least 5 different animals and insects that some people may have an aversion to or have many misconceptions about.

First, we met the Ball Python (Python regius).

Ball Python

Ball Python

We learnt that the python can open it’s jaws to the size of it’s head – the jaws don’t actually come unhinged but are held on by really stretchy muscles. Pythons take a long time to digest their food.

Then, we met an animal that a lot of people are scared of – a tarantula!

Tarantulas are "hairy"!

Tarantulas are “hairy”!

Tarantulas look hairy but these are sort of spines on their body. Tarantulas are very fragile. Did you know that if a Tarantula’s leg breaks off, it can regenerate?!

Then, we met a “fancy” rat!

Fancy Rat

Fancy Rat

Rats are actually quite clean animals – they don’t carry any more diseases than a dog or a cat. Rats are also very smart! There is a type of rat in Africa that can be trained to assist in finding missing persons.

We also met a baby alligator!

Baby Alligator

Baby Alligator

Alligators and Crocodiles should never be kept as pets as they cannot be domesticated. Alligators are born with teeth and the mother alligator is very protective of her young.

Finally, we met a creature we didn’t even know existed – a hissing cockroach!

Hissing Cockroaches

Hissing Cockroaches

A hissing cockroach emits air from holes in the side of it’s exoskeleton, which makes the hissing noise. When lots of them are on the forest floor and making the noise, it sounds like a snake which scares away predators!

We are very thankful to Kaytee and Matt from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences for taking time out of their evening to speak with us and share such interesting facts about amazing creatures!

We are hoping to learn more about these creatures next term when we start our Inquiry into life cycles of living things.

What is one fact that you learnt from our Skype call with Kaytee?

What do you want to learn about next term?

Australian Class Skypes

**Guest Post by Mia**

During Term Three, 3/4 D have been Skyping Australian classes and have been learning how different they are to our school. So far, we have Skyped 4 classes but that is just the start.

We Skyped 2 classes in Victoria, 1 class in Tasmania and 1 class in Western Australia. We are doing this because we are learning about Geography in Inquiry.

We’re looking forward to Skyping more Australian classes and meeting more students.

What’s one thing you found that other classes have in common with us? What’s one thing you have found that another class has different to us?

Mystery Skype!

On Thursday last week, we competed in our first ever game of MYSTERY SKYPE!


Mystery Skype is a game played over the video calling program Skype between two classes. We don’t know where the other class is and have to ask big questions to narrow down their location. We had to be so secretive that the people who were appearing in front of the camera had to turn their jumpers inside out so that the other school wouldn’t see our school logo!

Each person in the class was given a specific job to take on. The jobs and their responsibilities were;

  • Greeter – greets the class, goes over the rules for the game. May give a brief description of our class without giving away details.
  • Questioners – Ask the questions given to them
  • Answerer – Answers questions from the other class
  • Google Mappers – Use Google Maps to generate questions and narrow down where the other school is
  • Think Tank – Listen to the questions already asked and generate new questions
  • Note Takers / Reporters – take notes on what’s happening in the room and on the video call. Write a blog post from their notes.
  • Tweeter – sends out tweets from the class account as we are playing the game
  • Filters – decide which questions should be asked and hand them to the Questioners


We took turns in asking questions of the other class. Every time we got a ‘Yes’ answer, we were allowed to ask another question.

Eventually, we got down to the final questions. We started asking which school they could be…

We found out they were Holy Spirit Primary School in Ringwood North!

We won our first Mystery Skype!


Thank you to the wonderful 5/6B class at Holy Spirit for participating in our very first Mystery Skype. We are so keen to do another one soon!

What do you think went well in our first Mystery Skype? What didn’t work? Would you like to do another Mystery Skype? Have you ever participated in a Mystery Skype before?

Harmony Day

Yesterday, Learning Lizards celebrated Harmony Day. It is a day of cultural respect for anyone who calls Australia home – from the traditional Indigenous owners of the land, to those who have come across the seas to share our home. By participating in Harmony Day activities, we can learn how all Australians from all backgrounds belong to and enrich our nation.

As part of our celebrations, we had our first ever Skype session with 4B from Mildura! We each shared different ways of saying Hello. Before our Skype session, we talked about how we greet each other in our Community Circle. We shared ways of saying hello in different languages with 4B. We spoke in Italian, French, Greek, Fijian, Korean, Auslan and more.

It was also National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. We read a book called ‘Enemy Pie’. To raise awareness of bullying, we had a discussion about what bullying actually is and created posters to display in the school. We worked very hard on our posters because the topic was important to us.

IMG_2197 IMG_2198 IMG_2200 IMG_2201 IMG_2203

Did you do anything special for Harmony Day or National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence? Can you speak any other languages? Which ones?