S.O.L.E – Would the World Work Without Science?

**Guest Post by Keely**

S.O.L.E stands for…





S.O.L.E was a project started in India. It is a way of expressing your opinion where you are the boss of your brain. We are currently doing a S.O.L.E project. Our big idea is, the world would work without science. It is in relation to our Inquiry unit Science. You use different materials including the internet, books etc. You make a poster or power point to show your personal opinion. It is done in little groups. You don’t just have to work with one group you can change groups as much as you desire. I don’t believe the world would work without science because we wouldn’t have the medication we have now and the plague and other curable diseases would have killed most of us by now.

Do you think the world would work without science? Why?

Forensics Incursion

** Guest Post by Lily.M**

On Friday, 3/4 D and several other 3/4 classes went to the gym for the Forensic Science Incursion. Everyone had a great time!

Phoebe, our guest, told a fascinating story about the crime scene, and showed us different tables filled with interesting things to help solve the the 2 mysteries:

Who attacked Joseph Connor?

Who stole valuables from the auction house?

The information on the many tables taught us about DNA, fingerprints, and even a tent encasing a small lamp glowing with ultraviolet light. Almost all of things on the tables were things forensic scientists use to investigate a crime scene. Phoebe even said the ink on the fingerprints table was identical to that used in the FBI!  After carefully putting together all the clues we had gathered, we solved the mystery!

We also used the information learned from the DNA activity to find a student (Abbey C from our class) who matched the description, and Phoebe handcuffed and questioned her. She admitted to all the crimes, but despite our wishes, she was freed.

Did you enjoy the incursion? Which activities did you like the most? 

Growing Mould

You might be wondering why anyone would want to grow mould in the first place. You might also wonder how and where we would do this in the classroom…

Our new pre-service teacher, Alyssa, helped us in completing a science experiment. The purpose of this experiment was to follow instructions and wipe a piece of bread on a surface. We then needed to put the piece of bread in a freezer bag and tie it up. We stuck our freezer bags to the window to allow the bread to bathe in sunlight.

We made predictions about what we thought might happen to the bread.

The next day, we wrote out the steps we undertook to complete our experiment. Miss Fraser & Alyssa think some of our pieces of bread were a little too wet and soggy and they are no longer recognisable as bread!

After a couple of days we will take down our bread to see if any mould has grown on the bread.

What do you think might happen to the bread? Would you make changes to the way you conducted your experiment?