Interview with our Pre-Service Teacher

In 3/4D, we are lucky enough to have Mrs Zarb in our classroom every Tuesday and soon for week blocks. Mrs Zarb is learning to be a teacher and she is practicing with us! We enjoy having Mrs Zarb in our classroom as she has been very helpful so far. Here are some questions that we asked Mrs Zarb to get to know her better.

What is your favourite food?
Paella (Spanish rice dish).

If you could teach us anything what would you teach us? (Sarah)
I would love to teach you all how to read and follow a recipe and then go on to cook/bake the recipe of choice.

What university did you go to? (Felicity)
I graduated from La Trobe University in 1998, and am now attending Victoria University for 2014.

What is your favourite sport?
I like to watch AFL and soccer live, both equally.

What is your full name? (Alannah)
Mrs. Simone Zarb.

What things do you know about the school?
I know that it is a large school which has all divided classes/composite classes, except prep.

What is the best thing about being a teacher?
Well, I’m still learning at the moment, so I cannot yet answer this question. However, the best thing so far, is being welcomed so warmly by class 3/4D.

Have you ever been a teacher before?
Yes, I operated Chef2b Cooking School, which is a cooking school designed for kids (both boys and girls). Cheflings get an opportunity to taste, create, cook and learn about all sorts of ingredients to make quick healthy meals.

What grade would you like to teach?
3/4D, yay for me.

What are you interested in? (Charlotte)
I’m interested in my family and friends. I also am interested in a making positive changes where possible in the world around me.

What is your favourite book?
I have many, however I do really like Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

Do you like football? (Brodie)

What do you like to teach? (Ned)
Whatever you’d like to learn!

Are you a happy teacher or a grumpy teacher? (Ned)
Hopefully a happy teacher!

What is your favourite wild animal? (Jess)

How many pets do you have? (Ben)
2 birds, Charlie and Henry.

What is your favourite pet? (Jess)

What is your all-time favourite animal? (Katie)
I have to go with lion again.

What football team do you go for in the A.F.L (Zach)

How old are you?
2014 – 1976 (= 38 in July)

What is your favourite colour?
Red, at the moment.