Kidz Bodz

On Wednesday, March 5th, 3/4D walked over to Room 21 with 3/4C to watch a presentation from a company called Kidz Bodz.

The name of our presentation was called “Friendly Foods.” We looked at the importance of a healthy breakfast followed by healthy food choices throughout the day. We discovered how good or bad food choices can affect our energy, concentration and behaviour.


We learnt to make healthy food choices throughout the day and to eat plenty of complex carbohydrates, some protein and calcium and to only have simple carbohydrates sometimes. We also learnt about food additives and a little about how to read the nutrition labels on food packaging. We talked about advertising and how it can affect our choices too.


Our Home Learning Task this week is to find examples of complex carbohydrates, protein and calcium and simple carbohydrates and stick them onto a pyramid to show how much of each we should consume every day.

What examples have you found of complex and simple carbohydrates, protein and calcium? What surprised you about the types of foods you should eat every day? Does food affect your concentration? Which ones should you avoid so you can stay focused in school?