Our First Week Back

We have been working very hard during our first week back!

The Learning Lizards have been using Y-Charts to understand what makes a great classroom and what makes a great teacher. We used these Y-Charts to create our class mission statement. A mission statement is kind of like a code of conduct. Ours is:

The Learning Lizards of Room 14 will follow classroom rules and ensure that everyone is respecting our rights and responsibilities. We will have a positive attitude towards learning, never giving up and striving to work to our potential.  We are responsible learners and we will contribute and participate in all classroom learning activities. We are creative and happy learners.

We also started our class novel, James and the Giant Peach! Miss Fraser has been modelling reading with fluency and expression.

We looked very closely at our school’s rights and responsibilities:
Everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable at school
Everyone has the right to learn and work as much as possible
Each of us have a personal responsibility and a communal responsibility to uphold these rights.

In Maths, we looked at what makes a great mathematician. We decided that Mathematicians can be normal, every day people! We also looked at numbers in our lives.

Penny returned to school and is enjoying her new, large home! She is getting to know us all. Ethan has been doing a brilliant job at looking after her properly.

Penny loves it when the boys share their moustache stickers with her!

Penny loves it when the boys share their moustache stickers with her!

We have also been getting to know each other quite well. Miss Fraser paired us up using the Magic Hat and we completed a Venn Diagram to show the similarities and differences between each partner. We found out some really unusual things about each other!

Overall, it has been a fantastic first week and we are looking forward to many more!

What is your favourite activity at the beginning of the year? What is your favourite subject area to learn about? What would your class mission statement have to include?