Gingerbread Men Magnets Craft

As part of our Christmas present this year, Miss Fraser organised for Hauyie’s Mum, Karen, to come in and teach us some craft. Karen makes clay magnets all the time and had already made some for Miss Fraser. Karen is also very creative with food – check out the lunch she made for Miss Fraser!


Karen took small groups at a time and helped us to make Gingerbread Men magnets. We used air clay which is really light and very easy to mould. We had to wait for our clay to dry all day before we could take it home. Hauyie told us to keep our Gingerbread Men away from water and to make sure we didn’t squish them.

We are very thankful to Karen for taking the time to come in and teach us how to make the magnets. We enjoyed it very much!

Have you ever made anything out of clay? What did you enjoy the most from making the Gingerbread Men magnets?

Let’s Go Shopping!

This post originally appeared on the “Our Global Classroom” blog and all rights and credit for this activity is to Mrs Joyce. Click here to see the original and visit “Our Global Classroom”

Let’s Go Shopping!

It’s Christmas time and we all love to shop. Here is your mission:

You have $1000 to spend, spend it all.

1. You must spend $500 on yourself.

2. You must use $500 to spend on your imaginary family.

– You have a mum and a dad, two sisters (6 years old and 15 Years old) and a brother (18 years old).

3. You can only shop at Kmart and Target

4. You must record all you buy, costs and a running total of your spending.

5. You can not over spend and you can only have less than $5 left over. So, try and spend wisely.

6. Each member of the family must get two gifts each and you must buy at least 10 items for yourself.

Here are the links –

Happy spending!