CAFE Strategy: Make a Picture or Mental Image

Today we talked about what great readers do when they read. We brainstormed many different strategies such as predicting, using context clues and choosing “just right” books.

We focused on a strategy called “making a picture or a mental image”. Sometimes we call this visualisation – or, visualising while we are reading.

We finished our class novel, “James and the Giant Peach” and Miss Fraser has now chosen our new class novel. Before we began reading, we used the title and the information from the blurb to make a picture in our heads and then on paper.

Our new class novel is called “Nim’s Island” by Australian author, Wendy Orr. Below, you can see our pictures of what we saw in our heads after reading the blurb.

Do our pictures match what you see in your head when you read the blurb? What stories have you read that create vivid pictures whilst reading?