Keeping Active

**Guest Post by Madison**

Active April is over. That does mean that you stop exercising. That does not mean that you just laze around. What that means is that you always exercise. If you don’t your health will suffer so you better keep exercising.

What do you do to keep healthy and active?

Science & Cross Country

**Guest Post by Riley**

Science in class

In class we have been learning about science. Tuesday we were doing a matching up the science questions that we had to correct. And two weeks ago we had the forensic science incursion.

It was great.

Cross country

Last Thursday it was cross country it was a 2 kilometres race. Not many people made it into the school team.  I was one of the lucky ones who made the team out of four hundred students in grades in 3/4 and 5/6.

On Monday we will compete at Clarke oval.

What have you been enjoying at school lately?

Killara Cross Country

**Guest Post by Christopher**

Students in 3/4 were gasping for air as they ran almost four kilometers for cross country!

The weather when we had cross country was warm and no rain, so people could bare it. The people chosen for cross country had to be 1st, 2nd 3rd, 5th, 6th or 7th  in their age and grade to make it into the team.

The strategy I used is to jog in a fast pace then when you get tired speed walk then when you caught your breathe jog again etc.

What strategy did you use for cross country? Did you enjoy cross country?

Forensic Science Incursion

** Guest Post by Isobel **

3/4D and some other classes came to the gym to solve a terrible crime. When we came in the gym it had  heaps of equipment . We were trying to find the answers to these quiz questions……..

Who injected Joseph Connor?

Who were the people who stole the jewels from the auction house?

We had great fun! At the end we found out that Abby C from are class was the injector! She admitted to all the crimes and got hand cuffed but she got free. But Abbey and Joseph fell in…….LOVE!

What was your favourite part? Were you shocked that Abbey was the one?

Active April

*Guest Post by Keely*


3/4D and all of Killara P.S are participating in something called Active April. Active April is where you track all of your physical activity. It is a race to the top of the ladder.

All physical activity boosts your heart rate. The harder you work the higher your heart rate goes. When you do any athletic activity your heart is getting stronger. When you have a strong heart you are healthier. There are many different athletic activities you can do. If you would like to join click here.


What physical activity do you? Do you think boosting your heart rate is important?

Chair Aerobics

As part of Active April, the Learning Lizards and 3/4C participated in classroom chair aerobics.

In partners, we took a chair and completed some exercises. We did dips, step-ups, push-ups, crunches and squats.

We are working hard each day to exercise or participate in physical activity for at least 30 minutes.

The Premier’s Active April Challenge is part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to promote healthy and active lifestyles and get Victorians to join in the fun of increased physical activity by completing at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. As a participant, you can log your daily activity with the Active April app and chart your progress throughout the month. You can also create and join teams, track the progress of team members and discover events that are taking place in your local area.

The Learning Lizards are one big team competing against other teams in the school. All of the 3/4 classes have made a commitment to play games with each other for 30 minutes each day for the rest of April! We have played kickball with Mr B’s class and today will be competing in Cross Country.

What activity have you participated in lately? Do you participate in at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day?

Welcome Back to Term 2!

On Monday, the Learning Lizards returned to school from a 2 week holiday break. During the holidays, we celebrated Easter.

Upon our return to school, we have used our knowledge of graphs to collect data about everyone’s holiday activities and created a picture graph to represent this data.

We are looking forward to many things this term, such as;

  • Cross Country
  • Forensics Incursion
  • Science Inquiry focus
  • More netbook time!

**Stay tuned to hear more about our learning!**

What are you looking to the most in Term 2? What did you do over the holidays?


Student Blogging Challenge Week 1

As part of our student blogging challenge this week, we were asked to create avatars of ourselves.

In our class, we don’t always have access to devices so we had to wait until Thursday afternoon to have a go at this task. We made our avatars using Reasonably Clever, Manga and Doppel Me.

It was our first time learning new skills when making and saving the avatars. We learnt how to Print Screen, crop an image and save it to the correct folder.

Here are our avatars below. What do you think?

What did you enjoy the most about making an avatar? Which site did you use? Why did you make your avatar look the way it does?

Student Blogging Challenge 2015

The Learning Lizards are participating in the March 2015 Student Blogging Challenge. It is our first time (and Miss Fraser’s) participating in the blogging challenge.

The challenge is co-ordinated by Miss W. You can visit the website here.

The Week 1 Challenge looks at how to connect with people:

“Whenever you meet a new person or join a group, there are three things you will most likely do.

  1. Look at the outside view of the person – do they look like the type of person you would enjoy being with?
  2. Then you would go deeper by asking some basic questions about the person and their interests.
  3. Finally, you would connect through shared interests.”

On Thursday, during our time with the netbooks, we will be taking the first step and creating our avatars to add to our blog. Miss Fraser would also like to create a Voki character for our class. We got the idea from Mrs Amri and The Crew. They are Second Graders from Oregon, USA and are brilliant bloggers! After we have created our avatars, we will share them with our viewers.

What should our class Voki say about our class? Why do we blog? What are you hoping to get out of the Student Blogging Challenge and what are you looking forward to the most?

Guess My Number

The Learning Lizards have been working on place value. Place value is important because it helps with our understanding of numbers and all of our other number facts.

We created stories so that others could guess our numbers. We chose a 5 digit number and wrote clues so that others could discover our numbers.

Can you solve our puzzles and guess our numbers?

Leave a comment telling what number you think some or all of the students had picked!