The End

Unfortunately, the time has come to end the Learning Lizards blog.

Thank you to all of our supporters and followers over the past 2 years.

Miss Fraser will be blogging with her new class in 2016 on the Hurley’s Heroes blog. Click to visit! We are looking forward to becoming even bigger and better in 2016 and can’t wait to start working on projects with other classes.

Thanks again – See you in 2016!

Lights! Camera! Action!

**Guest Post by Lily M**

All 3/4 students are making a movie in Music Class, including us. We’re creating a movie called “The Night at the Pet Shop” and it’s great! We already have the script, and the DVD front and back cover. The actors all have copies, and we just need to film the movie.

The plot is that animals that turn into zombies at night, like Werewolves. They have to be stopped before they invade the city!

We all have separate roles, and most of us have two. There’s Scriptwriter (which I am), Graphic Designer (me also) Music Composer, Actor, Backstage Crew (my final job) Editor, and Director.

Our movie is going great! The actors are practicing their lines at home. We’ll start filming on Tuesday, when we have Music. Lights! Camera! Action!

What Role/s Do You Have?

What Movies Are You Doing In Your Class?

Pyjama Day

**Guest Post by Keely**

On Thursday 30th of July, all of Killara’s students and teachers came to school in their favourite pyjamas. We are supporting the Pyjama Foundation also known as The Love for Learning Foundation. It was made to make a positive impact on the lives of children in foster care. They match a child in foster care with an adult to do learning based activities for 1 hour. The adults are called Pyjama Angels. All together our school raised $693.50.

Did you enjoy coming to school in your pyjamas?

Do you think we could raise more money next year for such a worthy cause?

Upcoming Family Science Night

Killara’s Family Science Night is approaching us very quickly. On Wednesday 19th August we invite everyone to a fun night of “Making Waves – The Science of Light”. In order to make this night a huge success we ask for your participation in donating a range of resources. We request that these items are thoroughly cleaned and in good condition:

Empty cans, plastic bottles, clear plastic and foam cups, plastic straws, icy-pole sticks, toothpicks, cling wrap cylinders, small and large paper plates, zip-locked bags, googly eyes, pom poms, balloons, fishing line and rubber bands.

Thank you all for your help.

Will you be attending our Family Science Night? What do you think might happen there?

Mystery Skype: Guest Post

**Guest Post by Sebastian**

If you know what mystery Skype is then there’s no point in reading this text. Mystery Skype is where you have to find out who you’re Skyping. My job was a Google Mapper, I had to ask questions then a runner comes and takes the question to a filterer who then decides whether it is a good question or not. If it is good, then a questioner asks it to the people. The tweeter sends out tweets of what we are doing.


  • Google Mapper
  • Questioner
  • Filterer
  • Runner
  • Tweeter


**Guest Post by Lily.D**

This week in Maths, we have been learning about maps, grids and location. We have learnt that when you draw grids, we use a, b, c’s down the side and numbers along the top. We use these to help us find grid references (also called co-ordinates) We have also learnt about compass points to help us talk about direction.

What do you think about what we have learnt on maps and grids? 

Shark Skype

**Guest Post by Matthew**

Today we Skyped Mikki, who studies sharks.

We learned that:

  • Some sharks have to swim to live. This makes the water flow through their gills so that they can get oxygen.
  • Some sharks glow in the dark!
  • Some sharks lay on the bottom of the sea until their prey (small fish) comes by, and then they attack.
  • There is a goblin shark, whose jaw can come forward out of its socket.


Would you swim with sharks if you could?  What is your favourite shark?

Alpha Productions: Hercules

After a busy week of NAPLAN last week, it was nice to finish off with the always wonderful performance from Alpha Productions. This year, we watched “Hercules”

Hercules is the story of the son of Zeus who is supposed to be killed by the Lord of the Underworld’s assistant. Instead, he is taken from Mt Olympus to Earth and grows up there. He finds he has God-like powers but cannot explain why. Eventually, Hercules finds out the truth and, with the help of his sidekick Pegasus, sets on a path to becoming a true hero. He falls in love with Megarra, who is secretly working with Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. They try to find Hercules’ weakness to defeat him, until Hades realises that Hercules and Megarra are in love and uses this against him. He makes a deal with Hercules and takes his strength for one whole day. Hades sets Megarra free and heads up to Mount Olympus to defeat Zeus. However, Hercules gets there in time and tries to stop Hades without fighting. Unfortunately, Hades is too strong for Hercules and when they are sword fighting, Megarra steps in and gets stabbed. Hercules makes a deal where Hades will take Hercules in Megarra’s place and this selfless act means that Zeus grants him eternal life as a God.

What do you think the message of the story was? Did you enjoy the performance?

Roald Dahl

**Guest Post by Summer**

Our class have been reading Roald Dahl books. Roald Dahl is a famous author and has been all around the world publishing famous children books and some adult (challenging kids books) our class has read Fantastic Mr Fox and Dirty Beasts. We are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and are also watching the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie at lunch times.

Have you read Roald Dahl books before? What is your favourite?

Forensic Science By Brianna

**Guest Post by Brianna**

3/4D went on an incursion on forensic science. We were solving a crime scene. We got a worksheet and found out Information. We found out Information about who got hurt and how did they get hurt. In the end someone was guilty and that was a girl named Abbey in my class. Abbey and Joseph the guy who got hurt they fell in LOVE!

Do you think they lived happily ever after?

Do you like solving crimes?