**Guest Post by Mia**

On the 12th, 13th and 14th of may, the year 3’s had naplan. On the 12th of  may they did language conventions and writing. On the 13th of may they did reading. finally,on 14th of may they did numeracy.

NAPLAN stands for:







Some thoughts from the year 3’s-

Abbey – 🙂

Madison – 🙂

Sebastian – 🙂

How did you feel about NAPLAN?

Let’s Go Shopping!

This post originally appeared on the “Our Global Classroom” blog and all rights and credit for this activity is to Mrs Joyce. Click here to see the original and visit “Our Global Classroom”

Let’s Go Shopping!

It’s Christmas time and we all love to shop. Here is your mission:

You have $1000 to spend, spend it all.

1. You must spend $500 on yourself.

2. You must use $500 to spend on your imaginary family.

– You have a mum and a dad, two sisters (6 years old and 15 Years old) and a brother (18 years old).

3. You can only shop at Kmart and Target

4. You must record all you buy, costs and a running total of your spending.

5. You can not over spend and you can only have less than $5 left over. So, try and spend wisely.

6. Each member of the family must get two gifts each and you must buy at least 10 items for yourself.

Here are the links –

Happy spending!


Throughout the month of October, our school has been participating in…

where we walk to and from school and record our walks for the whole month of October.

Some of our wonderful teachers started walking from a short distance away from the school on Friday mornings and encouraged other students, teachers and parents to join us. Students were able to be dropped off and walk with us, which was great if they lived too far away to walk to school normally!

(The teachers have decided to continue our Friday Fitness Walking Club for the rest of the year and will be walking from the Red Post Box at 8:30 every Friday morning – feel free to join us, we would love your company!)


Each class recorded their walks on a classroom calendar. Once the month was over, the Learning Lizards collected the classroom calendars and used the data to find;

  • How many students were in each class
  • How many students in each class walked at least once in the whole month
  • How many walks each class recorded
  • The mean, median, mode and range of each class’ data



**We found out some amazing facts about Walktober for our school.**

Out of our 618 students in the school, 544 students walked at least once in the month of October. That’s an 88% participation rate!

There were 9404 walks recorded for the whole school!

The total number of walks for each year level were:
Prep: 703
Grade 1/2: 3285
Grade 3/4: 3179
Grade 5/6: 2237

You can see more of the data in the spreadsheet below. Some measures of central tendencies (mean, median, mode & range) have not yet been filled in.

What did you enjoy most about Walktober? Does your school participate in Walktober? Do you normally walk to or from school? What are some benefits of walking to or from school?

Super Shapes

Tonight is Killara’s annual Family Maths Night!

Miss Fraser has organised for students and their families to visit our blog to complete a shapes challenge.

The problem for the night is called Super Shapes.

*This problem comes from the Nrich website.

Each of the following shapes has a value:


The value of the circle changes in each of the following problems.

Can you discover its value in each problem, if the value of the shapes are being added together?


Write your solution in a comment below. How did you work out the answers?

Maths in the School Yard

We teamed up with 3/4A to work together to find Maths in the school yard!


We had to get into groups of 4 and each group was given a set perimeter. We then took a trundle wheel outside and measured different shapes on the ground to try and find a shape that was that certain perimeter.


It was a little tricky at first but we used TRIAL and ERROR to find the shapes.

We enjoyed practising our measuring skills outside of the classroom.


Could you find a shape in your house that has a perimeter of 10m? What did you most enjoy about our perimeter task?

Solving Problems: Sealed Solution

In 3/4D, we are creative thinkers. Today, we are holding a Family Blogging Afternoon. Miss Fraser thought it could be a good idea to work with our family members after we have completed our blogging quiz on this number problem.

We have a number of different problem solving strategies that we can use in our maths. Perhaps one of these strategies will help solve today’s problem?



Today’s problem is called Sealed Solution

*This problem comes from the Nrich website

A set of ten cards, each showing one of the digits from 0 to 9, is divided up between five envelopes so that there are two cards in each envelope. The sum of the two numbers inside it is written on each envelope:


What numbers could be inside the “8” envelope?

*There is more than one solution!

Write your solution in a comment. What problem solving strategies did you use?


In Maths, we have been focusing on 2D & 3D shapes. We have also looked at symmetrical patterns and cross sections.

We created our own symmetrical pictures using pattern blocks. We placed a ruler on the floor as a line of symmetry and it really helped us learn about symmetry of 2D shapes.


Can you find any symmetrical items in your home? How do you know they are symmetrical?

Time for Time!

This week, 3/4D have been working with Kathryn’s class next door to play games to teach us more about time. We have all been working on different skills, such as:

  • reading calendars
  • telling the time on analogue clocks to the half hour
  • telling the time on analogue clocks to five minute intervals
  • saying the time correctly
  • figuring out elapsed time

We have been using our problem solving skills and learning how to best work in groups too.

Here are some websites to help you practise telling the time.

Time Clock

Time Games

ABCya – Telling Time

What have you learnt about telling the time? Which practice game did you enjoy the most and why? What is the most important thing to remember when telling the time?