Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school for 2015!

After six weeks of school holidays, students at Killara Primary School returned to school on Thursday January 29th. Miss Fraser is looking forward to learning with her new Grade 3/4 students.

We have so much to look forward to this year, such as working and learning with our netbooks and Camp in Term 3 to Camp Allambee.

Miss Fraser is sure all of the students in 3/4D will learn so much in 2015 and enjoy their time being part of our classroom community.

Our Summer has been quite cold so Miss Fraser will be very interested to hear how the students in 3/4D spent their holidays…


Miss Fraser spent Christmas with her fiance` Brenton and family. She played Wii with her cousin Lachlan, who is starting Grade 1 this year. Miss Fraser & Brenton went to Echuca for a day with their dog Arj who swam in the Murray River (and then forgot that he knew how to swim!) Miss Fraser also spent a lot of time at Pets Haven – an animal shelter in Woodend. She is helping Pets Haven at the moment by fostering a dog, who she has fallen in love with! Miss Fraser, Kathryn and Miss Alex also attended Miss Vosti’s wedding together. Miss Vosti made a beautiful bride and is now called Mrs Barclay (Her classroom is opposite ours!)

Leave a comment to tell about your holidays. What are you looking forward to in 2015?

Gingerbread Men Magnets Craft

As part of our Christmas present this year, Miss Fraser organised for Hauyie’s Mum, Karen, to come in and teach us some craft. Karen makes clay magnets all the time and had already made some for Miss Fraser. Karen is also very creative with food – check out the lunch she made for Miss Fraser!


Karen took small groups at a time and helped us to make Gingerbread Men magnets. We used air clay which is really light and very easy to mould. We had to wait for our clay to dry all day before we could take it home. Hauyie told us to keep our Gingerbread Men away from water and to make sure we didn’t squish them.

We are very thankful to Karen for taking the time to come in and teach us how to make the magnets. We enjoyed it very much!

Have you ever made anything out of clay? What did you enjoy the most from making the Gingerbread Men magnets?


On Friday, all of the 3/4 students took a short bus ride to a local oval to compete in a day of Athletics events.

When we arrived, we all competed in the 200m race. We then had our choice of competing in different events. We could choose from 100m, Hurdles, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Discus and Shot Put.

We all tried very hard and enjoyed our day. Big thanks to all parent helpers who attended and helped with organising events. Big thanks also to Piza who made the day possible.

What events did you compete in? What did you think of our Athletics day?


Throughout the month of October, our school has been participating in…

where we walk to and from school and record our walks for the whole month of October.

Some of our wonderful teachers started walking from a short distance away from the school on Friday mornings and encouraged other students, teachers and parents to join us. Students were able to be dropped off and walk with us, which was great if they lived too far away to walk to school normally!

(The teachers have decided to continue our Friday Fitness Walking Club for the rest of the year and will be walking from the Red Post Box at 8:30 every Friday morning – feel free to join us, we would love your company!)


Each class recorded their walks on a classroom calendar. Once the month was over, the Learning Lizards collected the classroom calendars and used the data to find;

  • How many students were in each class
  • How many students in each class walked at least once in the whole month
  • How many walks each class recorded
  • The mean, median, mode and range of each class’ data



**We found out some amazing facts about Walktober for our school.**

Out of our 618 students in the school, 544 students walked at least once in the month of October. That’s an 88% participation rate!

There were 9404 walks recorded for the whole school!

The total number of walks for each year level were:
Prep: 703
Grade 1/2: 3285
Grade 3/4: 3179
Grade 5/6: 2237

You can see more of the data in the spreadsheet below. Some measures of central tendencies (mean, median, mode & range) have not yet been filled in.

What did you enjoy most about Walktober? Does your school participate in Walktober? Do you normally walk to or from school? What are some benefits of walking to or from school?

Great Cycle Challenge

Miss Fraser is taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge throughout October to fight kids’ cancer!

Right now, cancer is the largest killer of children from disease in Australia AND 3 children die from cancer every week.

Last year Sarah Round (Prep teacher) participated in event and rode 500km. This year other teachers are taking part and we have made a Killara Primary School team, where we aim to raise funds to support the Children’s Medical Research Institute to continue its work in developing treatments and finding a cure for childhood cancer.

Miss Fraser’s goal is to ride 50km by October 31st. If you would like to sponsor her challenge you can do so through this fundraising page  – or support our team. *All donations are tax deductible.

Stay tuned for my riding progress!

Thank you for your support.

Why are Pirates called Pirates?

… Because they “ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!”

The last day of term was “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”!

Captain Fraser & Captain Kathryn decided to get into the spirit of things by organising special pirate activities for the day. We made our own pirate hats, eye patches and flags and even found out our pirate names!



We earned treasure for working well with our shipmates and finding the answers to pirate jokes. Here is an example (It’s Kathryn’s favourite!):

What is orange and sounds like a parrot?

Do you know the answer? Leave it as a comment!

What did you enjoy most about International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Does your class celebrate crazy holidays like this?

Killara’s 21st Birthday Concert

To celebrate our wonderful school’s 21st birthday, we held a whole school concert. Each class has been working on their act all term in Performing Arts classes.

Our class performed “Super Mario Bros”. We got to dress up like Mario, Luigi, Princess Daisy, Princess Roselea, Toadstool, Yoshi & Bowser. We loved dressing up and getting on stage to dance. We were very nervous at first but by the third show, we nailed it!

Our awesome costumes

Our awesome costumes

All of the students didn’t know, but the teachers had been practising a surprise act to perform!

Teachers in costume

Teachers in costume

Special thanks to Kelli for all of her hard work in the huge task of putting together a whole school concert!

Does your school hold a school concert? Have you ever performed on stage? How did you feel?

Tyler’s USA Trip: Guest Post

** Tyler is currently travelling around the United States of America. He sent an e-mail to Miss Fraser to update her and the class on his trip so far. ** 

Guest Post: Tyler

I enjoyed the plane trip even though it was long.  We left Melbourne at 10am on the 9th and arrived in LA at 7am the same day. 

I have been here 8 days and have already seen so much.  In Washington DC I have seen the Smithsonian Castle, the US Capitol Building, The Pentagon, The Great Falls, The Washington Monument,  The White House, the Air and Space Museum, The Maryland University, Arlington Cemetery and the changing of the Guard,  The Lincoln Memorial, The Museum of Natural History and the Museum of American History.  Washington is amazing and all their Museums and Tours are free.



I then caught a train from Washington DC to New York.  New York is so different to Washington.  New York is so busy and exciting.   In New York I have  been the M&M World, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Madison Square Garden, Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Toys R Us (the largest Toys R Us store in the world, it even has a ferris wheel inside the shop), The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, 9/11 Memorial and I walked across Brooklyn Bridge.


Tomorrow I am going to Central Park to kick the footy with my Uncle, The Top of the Rock and to see the Lion King on Broadway.

My favourite things so far are M&M World as everything in the shop is an M&M and you can buy any colour M&M that you like.  I got M&M’s with my name and Go Tigers printed on them.


I also like the Statue of Liberty.  She is much bigger than I expected and she was made in France and was shipped over in 200 pieces and put together like a jigsaw puzzle.  She is made of Copper and is now green because copper turns green with age.

In Washington I really liked the Washington Monument as you can see so much from up the top.

I hope you all have a great school holidays.

Bye Tyler.

Moving Mulch

As a school, we have worked very hard to prepare and plant trees and get ready for our school orchard.

There was a big task ahead of us – we had two huge piles of mulch to spread around our newly planted trees. Many classes pitched in to assist and it made the work so much easier! We even had some parents and families helping after school.

We have been out watering our trees with some of the younger classes too.

Soon, we will plant our fruit trees for our school orchard.

Does your school do any planting? Do you have your own garden at home or school?