Meet the Unhuggables!

Today, all of the 3/4 students were lucky enough to Skype with the Museum of Natural Science in North Carolina, USA.


We spoke to Kaytee, who showed us at least 5 different animals and insects that some people may have an aversion to or have many misconceptions about.

First, we met the Ball Python (Python regius).

Ball Python

Ball Python

We learnt that the python can open it’s jaws to the size of it’s head – the jaws don’t actually come unhinged but are held on by really stretchy muscles. Pythons take a long time to digest their food.

Then, we met an animal that a lot of people are scared of – a tarantula!

Tarantulas are "hairy"!

Tarantulas are “hairy”!

Tarantulas look hairy but these are sort of spines on their body. Tarantulas are very fragile. Did you know that if a Tarantula’s leg breaks off, it can regenerate?!

Then, we met a “fancy” rat!

Fancy Rat

Fancy Rat

Rats are actually quite clean animals – they don’t carry any more diseases than a dog or a cat. Rats are also very smart! There is a type of rat in Africa that can be trained to assist in finding missing persons.

We also met a baby alligator!

Baby Alligator

Baby Alligator

Alligators and Crocodiles should never be kept as pets as they cannot be domesticated. Alligators are born with teeth and the mother alligator is very protective of her young.

Finally, we met a creature we didn’t even know existed – a hissing cockroach!

Hissing Cockroaches

Hissing Cockroaches

A hissing cockroach emits air from holes in the side of it’s exoskeleton, which makes the hissing noise. When lots of them are on the forest floor and making the noise, it sounds like a snake which scares away predators!

We are very thankful to Kaytee and Matt from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences for taking time out of their evening to speak with us and share such interesting facts about amazing creatures!

We are hoping to learn more about these creatures next term when we start our Inquiry into life cycles of living things.

What is one fact that you learnt from our Skype call with Kaytee?

What do you want to learn about next term?

Upcoming Camp

**Guest Post by Brianna*

3/4D and some other classes are going to Allambee camp in September.

List to bring :

.Four changes of appropriate clothes. (Not good clothes)

No singlets

.At least 2 full-length pants such as tracksuits

.Board shorts/shorts/track suits for night time wear

.2 pairs of runners/shoes NO THONGS


.5 pairs of socks

.Sleeping bag

.Pillow and pillow case


.1 large towel

.Face washer

.Toiletries including, Toothbrush and paste,deodorant (Roll-on ONLY),soap, hairbands for long hair, shampoo and conditoner,comb,brush etc!

.Small pack of tissues

.2 plastic bags for dirty clothing


.Water-proof raincoat with a hood



I think camp is going to be great because you make new friends and you have lots of fun.

Thank you for reading this.

What are you most looking forward to at camp?

Australian Class Skypes

**Guest Post by Mia**

During Term Three, 3/4 D have been Skyping Australian classes and have been learning how different they are to our school. So far, we have Skyped 4 classes but that is just the start.

We Skyped 2 classes in Victoria, 1 class in Tasmania and 1 class in Western Australia. We are doing this because we are learning about Geography in Inquiry.

We’re looking forward to Skyping more Australian classes and meeting more students.

What’s one thing you found that other classes have in common with us? What’s one thing you have found that another class has different to us?

End of Semester 1

**Guest Post By Lily Morgan**

 Semester 1 was full of exciting activities, like The Forensics Incursion, Cross Country, and My Goals. (You will hopefully learn more about these in other blog posts.)

We received midterm Reports that we had decorated imaginatively, and hopefully they were all about your amazing and attractive qualities and full of great grades.

All the students enjoyed the fantastic activities Miss Fraser had, and are looking forward to the holidays so we can have a fresh start on term 3.

What are you planning to do on the Holidays?

What was your favourite thing we did this Semester?


** Guest Post by Abbey **

On the 29th of May, 3/4D was given the opportunity to participate in handball against the grade 5/6s.  After playing the 1st round, my team lost by 2 points.

Miss Fraser then chose 2 teams from our class to play against each other and my team won against Chris’s team and lost against the boys team.

The experience was joyful, my heart was pumping with excitement, it was a superb time.

Did you enjoy Handball? Have you ever played Handball before?

Cross Country

**Guest Post by Kain**

The year 4, 5 and 6’s competed to get into the cross country team, which then gets to participate against other schools.

Four people from my class got into the team.  Riley, Liam, Charleigh and Mia.

I really wanted to get into the team.  I didn’t do that good as i had a sore foot and a stitch and i did not get in the team.

Cross country is a big challange especially the big hill we had to run up!

Cross country was held in school time and we had to run about nine Kms and the track went behind Riley’s house.

It was hard but at least I finished, that is all that matters.

Cross country was difficult but I did it and I am so proud of my friends who made it in to the team!  Hopefully i make it in to the team next year.

How do you feel about cross country?

Do you like cross country or not?

Orange Day

**Guest Post by Charleigh**

Bullying: NO WAY!

Orange day was on the 20th of May 2015. It is where people wear orange all day. It is a day of no bullying, they have made this day for a special reason. At school, internet, social media and work all those places you can get bullied. Your friends could bully you and also strangers.

If you ever get bullied you never bully back you always go to a teacher, a parent or the closest grown up around you. Everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable at school, work and where ever you are. Stay near adults and other kids. Most bullying happens when adults aren’t around. Talk to an adult you trust. Don’t keep your feelings inside. Telling someone can help you feel less alone. They can help you make a plan to stop the bullying.

Let adults at school know that you care about this topic. Ask the school to host an assembly on bullying. Ask for an anonymous survey to learn how many kids are being bullied.

There are many types of bullying. Here are some examples of bullying:

  • Name-calling, teasing, or spreading rumour’s
  • Leaving someone out of a group on purpose
  • Making nasty faces or hand gestures at someone
  • Making fun of someone for being different
  • Hair-pulling, biting, and pinching
  • Threatening and scaring others
  • Hitting, punching, yelling, and shoving
  • Telling other kids not to be friends with someone
  • Embarrassing someone in public

Support bullying on Orange Day next year. Wear something orange and show your support for Bullying: No Way!

To my Grade 3 students

To my dear Grade 3 Students,

Tomorrow you will sit your first NAPLAN test. Before you take this test, there is something very important that I would like you to know…

This test does not assess all of what makes each of you exceptional or unique.

The people who score these tests don’t know that some of you love to dance, are good at drawing or can teach others how to use a computer program. They have not seen the creative drawings you do, the complicated dances you learn or how many facts you know about certain animals! They do not know that your friends count on you to be there for them when they are sad. They do not know that you participate in sports, help your Mum or Dad, or that you play with your little brothers and sisters. They do not know that you are caring and thoughtful, or that you try your best every day at school. They do not know these things, because these attributes cannot be tested.

The scores you get from this test will tell you how you went on one day, but they will not tell you everything. They cannot tell you that you have improved on something you once found difficult. They can’t tell you that you are funny or that you brighten my day! They can’t tell you how amazingly special you are!

So come to school ready to do your best on the NAPLAN test and remember that there is no way to ‘test’ all the wonderful things that make you, YOU!

See you tomorrow,

Miss Fraser


Tomorrow is ANZAC Day.

Every year, on the 25th of April, we celebrate ANZAC Day. ANZAC stands for;

New Zealand

This year is special because we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the landing at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli, Turkey.

In our class, we have explored an interactive timeline of the landing at Anzac Cove, which gave us a brilliant insight into both sides of the battle. You can watch the videos here.

We worked with a partner to research one of the many soldiers who fought in the battle and created 3D Graphic Organisers in the shape of boats.

We also watched some Behind the News stories to help us gain a better understanding of why we celebrate ANZAC Day. Some stories are below:

Do you know anyone who has fought in any wars? Have you ever attended an ANZAC Day dawn service?

Forensics Incursion

** Guest Post by Lily.M**

On Friday, 3/4 D and several other 3/4 classes went to the gym for the Forensic Science Incursion. Everyone had a great time!

Phoebe, our guest, told a fascinating story about the crime scene, and showed us different tables filled with interesting things to help solve the the 2 mysteries:

Who attacked Joseph Connor?

Who stole valuables from the auction house?

The information on the many tables taught us about DNA, fingerprints, and even a tent encasing a small lamp glowing with ultraviolet light. Almost all of things on the tables were things forensic scientists use to investigate a crime scene. Phoebe even said the ink on the fingerprints table was identical to that used in the FBI!  After carefully putting together all the clues we had gathered, we solved the mystery!

We also used the information learned from the DNA activity to find a student (Abbey C from our class) who matched the description, and Phoebe handcuffed and questioned her. She admitted to all the crimes, but despite our wishes, she was freed.

Did you enjoy the incursion? Which activities did you like the most?