Meet the Unhuggables!

Today, all of the 3/4 students were lucky enough to Skype with the Museum of Natural Science in North Carolina, USA.


We spoke to Kaytee, who showed us at least 5 different animals and insects that some people may have an aversion to or have many misconceptions about.

First, we met the Ball Python (Python regius).

Ball Python

Ball Python

We learnt that the python can open it’s jaws to the size of it’s head – the jaws don’t actually come unhinged but are held on by really stretchy muscles. Pythons take a long time to digest their food.

Then, we met an animal that a lot of people are scared of – a tarantula!

Tarantulas are "hairy"!

Tarantulas are “hairy”!

Tarantulas look hairy but these are sort of spines on their body. Tarantulas are very fragile. Did you know that if a Tarantula’s leg breaks off, it can regenerate?!

Then, we met a “fancy” rat!

Fancy Rat

Fancy Rat

Rats are actually quite clean animals – they don’t carry any more diseases than a dog or a cat. Rats are also very smart! There is a type of rat in Africa that can be trained to assist in finding missing persons.

We also met a baby alligator!

Baby Alligator

Baby Alligator

Alligators and Crocodiles should never be kept as pets as they cannot be domesticated. Alligators are born with teeth and the mother alligator is very protective of her young.

Finally, we met a creature we didn’t even know existed – a hissing cockroach!

Hissing Cockroaches

Hissing Cockroaches

A hissing cockroach emits air from holes in the side of it’s exoskeleton, which makes the hissing noise. When lots of them are on the forest floor and making the noise, it sounds like a snake which scares away predators!

We are very thankful to Kaytee and Matt from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences for taking time out of their evening to speak with us and share such interesting facts about amazing creatures!

We are hoping to learn more about these creatures next term when we start our Inquiry into life cycles of living things.

What is one fact that you learnt from our Skype call with Kaytee?

What do you want to learn about next term?


**Guest Post by Abbey**

3/4 D has been learning Geography over the past 3 weeks and we have started to make continent flap books., which have all 7 continents in them.

I have also learnt about longitude and latitude as well as the earth’s degrees.

I have really enjoyed the Skype sessions with other Australian classes, and the Geography Skype with the Grade 7’s , through that I learnt that on Google Earth , you can actually go to Mars.

Thank You.

Who can name all 7 continents?

Australian Class Skypes

**Guest Post by Mia**

During Term Three, 3/4 D have been Skyping Australian classes and have been learning how different they are to our school. So far, we have Skyped 4 classes but that is just the start.

We Skyped 2 classes in Victoria, 1 class in Tasmania and 1 class in Western Australia. We are doing this because we are learning about Geography in Inquiry.

We’re looking forward to Skyping more Australian classes and meeting more students.

What’s one thing you found that other classes have in common with us? What’s one thing you have found that another class has different to us?

End of Semester 1

**Guest Post By Lily Morgan**

 Semester 1 was full of exciting activities, like The Forensics Incursion, Cross Country, and My Goals. (You will hopefully learn more about these in other blog posts.)

We received midterm Reports that we had decorated imaginatively, and hopefully they were all about your amazing and attractive qualities and full of great grades.

All the students enjoyed the fantastic activities Miss Fraser had, and are looking forward to the holidays so we can have a fresh start on term 3.

What are you planning to do on the Holidays?

What was your favourite thing we did this Semester?

S.O.L.E – Would the World Work Without Science?

**Guest Post by Keely**

S.O.L.E stands for…





S.O.L.E was a project started in India. It is a way of expressing your opinion where you are the boss of your brain. We are currently doing a S.O.L.E project. Our big idea is, the world would work without science. It is in relation to our Inquiry unit Science. You use different materials including the internet, books etc. You make a poster or power point to show your personal opinion. It is done in little groups. You don’t just have to work with one group you can change groups as much as you desire. I don’t believe the world would work without science because we wouldn’t have the medication we have now and the plague and other curable diseases would have killed most of us by now.

Do you think the world would work without science? Why?

School Life

**Guest Post by Benjamin**

My favourite element of school life is the subjects that I’m learning at school.  My favourite subjects are writing and maths.  I think writing is helpful because it helps you with your writing skills and I enjoy writing stories and writing about different topics.  I enjoying planning my story and wondering what could happen.

I enjoy maths because I like working out different ways to find out the answer to a maths question. I like addition and subtracting the most because it’s awesome.  The most important thing about maths and writing is having fun and learning.

What is your favourite subject at school? What are you most enjoying about school?

Mystery Skype

Last week, we held our first ever Mystery Skype.

Mystery Skype is played with 2 classes. Each class takes turns in asking closed questions to narrow down the location of the other class, eventually identifying which school they belong to.

Each person in the class has a different role to play. These jobs can be different in any class. In our class, our jobs were;

  • Questioners
  • Answerer
  • Filters
  • Runners
  • Google Mappers
  • Greeter
  • Tweeter

The results of our Mystery Skype were…


We had to end our call early because our competitors were just about to go outside for lunch. Both classes were extremely close in finding the other class.

We found out that the other class was a grade 2 class from Avondale Grammar School in Singapore.

We had so much fun doing our first Mystery Skype and hope to do many more this year. You can see some pictures of us in action on our class Twitter feed (@LearningLizards)

What was your favourite part of the Mystery Skype call? What role did you play?

Sharks and their Amazing Adaptations

Today we had our first ever Skype call with Dr Mikki McComb-Kobza from Ocean First Institute.


We learnt some amazing facts about sharks, different species of sharks and their special features.

We learnt some amazing facts which we tweeted out form our class Twitter account (@LearningLizards) as Mikki was speaking. Some facts we learnt were;

  • Some sharks have to keep moving to breathe – the leopard shark doesn’t. It can stay still all day and still be able to survive.
  • Megladon was the biggest shark ever and used to eat whales!
  • The mako shark is the fastest shark – it is known as the cheetah of the ocean


We also learnt about the importance of conservation of sharks. In some countries, sharks are hunted for their fins. People use their fins to make shark fin soup – a delicacy in some countries. The rest of the shark is left to die! We felt terrible when we heard about this and are currently making plans to take action against this.


We are extremely grateful to Dr Mikki for taking the time to Skype with us.


What is one interesting fact that you learnt about sharks? What is your favourite species of shark?

Spelling Rap

**Guest Post by Charleigh and Keely**

Charleigh and Keely were practising their spelling words. They decided to do the task card that was called Catchy Tunes. The instructions were to write a song or rap (they did a rap) using all of their spelling words.

Keely’s Spelling words:

  • Bibliography
  • Apostrophe
  • Camouflage
  • Battalion
  • Amphibian

Charleigh’s Spelling words:

  • Finally
  • Prepared
  • Terrified
  • Country
  • Brake


Can you hear all of the spelling words in the rap?


**Guest Post by Mia**

On the 12th, 13th and 14th of may, the year 3’s had naplan. On the 12th of  may they did language conventions and writing. On the 13th of may they did reading. finally,on 14th of may they did numeracy.

NAPLAN stands for:







Some thoughts from the year 3’s-

Abbey – 🙂

Madison – 🙂

Sebastian – 🙂

How did you feel about NAPLAN?