About our Students

We are a class of 24 grade 3/4 students. We range in age from 7 to almost 10 years old.


Matthew –

Blake – I love Batman! I want to be him!

Lachlan –

Keely – Dance is my life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Mia –

Abbey –

Lily D –

Liam –

Sebastian – I am very good at Maths.

Summer –

Noah –

Brianna –

Brody –

Riley –

Lily M –

Kain –

Isobel –

William –

Christopher –

Madison –

Kingston –

Angel –

Charleigh –


3 thoughts on “About our Students

  1. Is “I LOVE SCIENCE!” a sentence?
    ( If it isn’t, I have a couple more suggestions)

    I’ve memorized loads of useless math facts, like the first hundred digits of pi.( 3.1415926532897…)

    I love angles, but I hate time.

    I always adore amazing alliteration!

    I am as interested in similes as a boy is interested in cars.

  2. I’ve got a sentence miss Fraser!

    Flying potato eating monkeys!

    If that doesn’t approve then what about this?: I love mystical creatures like the hydra and Cthulhu although I know they’re not real.

  3. Viele Grüße von Langeoog und danke für Eure Postkarte!

    Greetings from Langeoog and thank’s a lot for Your postcard,

    die Kiebitzklasse

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