Lights! Camera! Action!

**Guest Post by Lily M**

All 3/4 students are making a movie in Music Class, including us. We’re creating a movie called “The Night at the Pet Shop” and it’s great! We already have the script, and the DVD front and back cover. The actors all have copies, and we just need to film the movie.

The plot is that animals that turn into zombies at night, like Werewolves. They have to be stopped before they invade the city!

We all have separate roles, and most of us have two. There’s Scriptwriter (which I am), Graphic Designer (me also) Music Composer, Actor, Backstage Crew (my final job) Editor, and Director.

Our movie is going great! The actors are practicing their lines at home. We’ll start filming on Tuesday, when we have Music. Lights! Camera! Action!

What Role/s Do You Have?

What Movies Are You Doing In Your Class?

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