Upcoming Camp

**Guest Post by Brianna*

3/4D and some other classes are going to Allambee camp in September.

List to bring :

.Four changes of appropriate clothes. (Not good clothes)

No singlets

.At least 2 full-length pants such as tracksuits

.Board shorts/shorts/track suits for night time wear

.2 pairs of runners/shoes NO THONGS


.5 pairs of socks

.Sleeping bag

.Pillow and pillow case


.1 large towel

.Face washer

.Toiletries including, Toothbrush and paste,deodorant (Roll-on ONLY),soap, hairbands for long hair, shampoo and conditoner,comb,brush etc!

.Small pack of tissues

.2 plastic bags for dirty clothing


.Water-proof raincoat with a hood



I think camp is going to be great because you make new friends and you have lots of fun.

Thank you for reading this.

What are you most looking forward to at camp?

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