**Guest Post by Abbey**

3/4 D has been learning Geography over the past 3 weeks and we have started to make continent flap books., which have all 7 continents in them.

I have also learnt about longitude and latitude as well as the earth’s degrees.

I have really enjoyed the Skype sessions with other Australian classes, and the Geography Skype with the Grade 7’s , through that I learnt that on Google Earth , you can actually go to Mars.

Thank You.

Who can name all 7 continents?

6 thoughts on “Geography

  1. We enjoyed our mystery skype with you today. Hawkesdale students were interested in you being near the airport, an extinct volcano, the origin of the Ashes Cup and the eagles. We live in Kanawinka, the worlds largest Geopark. Students come from Penshurst, Koroit and Macarthur to our school. Extinct volcanoes near us are Tower Hill, Mt Eccles and Mt Rouse. Most of our students vome from farms or these small rural town.s Thanks again and hope we can connect again soon.

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