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**Guest Post by Benjamin**

My favourite element of school life is the subjects that I’m learning at school.  My favourite subjects are writing and maths.  I think writing is helpful because it helps you with your writing skills and I enjoy writing stories and writing about different topics.  I enjoying planning my story and wondering what could happen.

I enjoy maths because I like working out different ways to find out the answer to a maths question. I like addition and subtracting the most because it’s awesome.  The most important thing about maths and writing is having fun and learning.

What is your favourite subject at school? What are you most enjoying about school?

7 thoughts on “School Life

  1. Hi Ben,
    Fabulous post! I really liked it.

    My favourite subject is writing because when you write your in charge of what is going to happen. I also love reading because you don’t know what is going to happen in the story. All of a sudden it just happens!

    To answer your second question I am enjoying writing (no surprise). My favourite piece of writing we have recently done is My Special Place because it was expressing where our favourite place is and not just being given a topic (if you get what I`m saying)

    What is your favourite piece of writing we have done?

    • Hey keely!

      I agree about what you said about writing; it makes me feel powerful and
      When writing you could write to: excite, convince, complement, pretty much everything! Every body has potential.

      If miss Fraser let you write about anything what would you write about
      And would it be a series or just one story and ALSO would it be persuasive, narrative, or other?

  2. To Ben,
    I really like your post. My blog post was about our Maths sessions.
    I hope you have had a great time in maths. I have.
    What has been your favourite thing to learn about in Maths?
    From Lily D

  3. Hi Ben,
    how are you? how’s your day going?
    My favourite part of school is learning and having FUN!

    The 3/4’s stories really get me tempted to read the rest of the stories and how good they’re doing with their education. I’ve seen lots of people in our class who have made friends with people in other classes and in their class too. I have the best time at this amazing school and thanks Ben for the great post.

    by Brody

  4. Hi Ben
    I like maths a lot too, as well as writing.
    When I’m writing I would use any thing that comes to my mind
    would you too?
    From Sebastian

  5. Hi Ben,
    My favourite subjects are maths and writing too.
    In writing I love writing stories. At maths I like addition and subtraction.
    From Lachlan

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