Mystery Skype

Last week, we held our first ever Mystery Skype.

Mystery Skype is played with 2 classes. Each class takes turns in asking closed questions to narrow down the location of the other class, eventually identifying which school they belong to.

Each person in the class has a different role to play. These jobs can be different in any class. In our class, our jobs were;

  • Questioners
  • Answerer
  • Filters
  • Runners
  • Google Mappers
  • Greeter
  • Tweeter

The results of our Mystery Skype were…


We had to end our call early because our competitors were just about to go outside for lunch. Both classes were extremely close in finding the other class.

We found out that the other class was a grade 2 class from Avondale Grammar School in Singapore.

We had so much fun doing our first Mystery Skype and hope to do many more this year. You can see some pictures of us in action on our class Twitter feed (@LearningLizards)

What was your favourite part of the Mystery Skype call? What role did you play?

3 thoughts on “Mystery Skype

  1. Superb blog post, you summed it up so brilliantly! I was a Filterer, and as a result I looked at everyone’s questions. There was loads of them asking the exact same things, but even more excellent questions. Even though it was a tie, I firmly believe we were closer to finding their school!

  2. Hi 3/4D,
    Last week, we played a cool game! We played Mystery Skype.
    I liked playing it. Did you like playing it?
    My role was to take notes to turn into a blog post.
    From Brianna

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