Mystery Skype: Guest Post

**Guest Post by Sebastian**

If you know what mystery Skype is then there’s no point in reading this text. Mystery Skype is where you have to find out who you’re Skyping. My job was a Google Mapper, I had to ask questions then a runner comes and takes the question to a filterer who then decides whether it is a good question or not. If it is good, then a questioner asks it to the people. The tweeter sends out tweets of what we are doing.


  • Google Mapper
  • Questioner
  • Filterer
  • Runner
  • Tweeter

9 thoughts on “Mystery Skype: Guest Post

  1. Dear Sebastian,
    I had so much fun doing the Mystery Skype. Did you?
    I was Questioner. I got to ask questions to the other class on the camera. It was so much fun.
    From Noah

  2. Dear Sebastian,

    I loved reading your article about the mystery Skype.

    Did you know that Paris is in France.
    Believe it or not but I thought it was the same place for seven years thanks to my sister!

    Your dear friend Christopher.

    • Hi Chris,
      I think that’s a common misconception – lots of people assume Paris and France is the same thing. Paris is actually the capital of France. Do you know what the capital city of Australia is?
      From Miss Fraser 🙂

      • Dear Miss Fraser,
        Many people believe it is Sydney because it is so popular and well-known, but it is actually Canberra.

      • Hi miss Fraser!,

        I think the capital of Australia is either Adelaide or Melbourne.
        Thanks for making me feel less stupid!
        I think it would be a common misconception too because my sister still thinks it is the same thing!
        What do you think the capital of America is?
        From the cat, Chris (^._.^)~

  3. That seems very nerve racking Noah!

    I was a mapper.
    I wanted to be a mapper so I can improve my “mappin skillz!”.
    See what I did there!⬆️
    If you could choose any role what would you do?

    • Hi Chris,
      Would you choose to do the same role next time? What was great about being a Google Mapper?
      I think being a questioner would be quite nerve wracking too.
      From Miss Fraser 🙂

      • Dear miss Fraser,
        I would be a questionare next time.
        The good thing about being a google mapper is that you get to be the person who also writes the question down so you have great responsibility.
        If you could play next time what role would you do.

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