Sharks and their Amazing Adaptations

Today we had our first ever Skype call with Dr Mikki McComb-Kobza from Ocean First Institute.


We learnt some amazing facts about sharks, different species of sharks and their special features.

We learnt some amazing facts which we tweeted out form our class Twitter account (@LearningLizards) as Mikki was speaking. Some facts we learnt were;

  • Some sharks have to keep moving to breathe – the leopard shark doesn’t. It can stay still all day and still be able to survive.
  • Megladon was the biggest shark ever and used to eat whales!
  • The mako shark is the fastest shark – it is known as the cheetah of the ocean


We also learnt about the importance of conservation of sharks. In some countries, sharks are hunted for their fins. People use their fins to make shark fin soup – a delicacy in some countries. The rest of the shark is left to die! We felt terrible when we heard about this and are currently making plans to take action against this.


We are extremely grateful to Dr Mikki for taking the time to Skype with us.


What is one interesting fact that you learnt about sharks? What is your favourite species of shark?

4 thoughts on “Sharks and their Amazing Adaptations

  1. Hi Miss Fraser
    Sharks are amazing animals. Their speed and strength is very impressive.
    I still wonder how a mako shark swims so fast?
    from Kain

  2. Hi 3/4D,
    I liked Dr Mikki and I think she liked sharks. Those facts were amazing. I have some questions for you.
    What was your favourite type of shark? What was your favourite fact?
    Best wishes. Please reply.
    From Isobel

  3. Hi Isobel
    I liked Dr Mikki too! My question was,do baby hammerhead’s look different to adult ones?
    By Brianna:)

    • Hi Brianna,
      That’s a great question. Now I am wondering the same thing! I wonder if their “hammer” head would look much like a “hammer” when they are born. I also wonder if sharks give birth to more than one baby at a time?
      From Miss Fraser 🙂

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