Shark Skype

**Guest Post by Matthew**

Today we Skyped Mikki, who studies sharks.

We learned that:

  • Some sharks have to swim to live. This makes the water flow through their gills so that they can get oxygen.
  • Some sharks glow in the dark!
  • Some sharks lay on the bottom of the sea until their prey (small fish) comes by, and then they attack.
  • There is a goblin shark, whose jaw can come forward out of its socket.


Would you swim with sharks if you could?  What is your favourite shark?

4 thoughts on “Shark Skype

  1. The hilarious Goblin Shark had to be my favourite. (it had me rolling on the floor >D) I really enjoyed making cards for Mikki. I believe Miss Fraser will send them tomorrow, and she will hear all about our kind messages!
    From Lily M

  2. To Matthew,
    do you like sharks a lot I do but some times they can be dangerous

    what do you like about sharks and why?

    from lily.d

  3. Dear 3/4D,
    We are 3/4W and our teacher is Ms Wong. We liked reading your blog post and are learning about marine animals in our unit called “I sea, I care”. How did you get to talk to Mikki, the shark expert? We would also like to talk to them if possible.
    If you have time, please visit our blog.
    From 3/4W

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