Cross Country

**Guest Post by Kain**

The year 4, 5 and 6’s competed to get into the cross country team, which then gets to participate against other schools.

Four people from my class got into the team.  Riley, Liam, Charleigh and Mia.

I really wanted to get into the team.  I didn’t do that good as i had a sore foot and a stitch and i did not get in the team.

Cross country is a big challange especially the big hill we had to run up!

Cross country was held in school time and we had to run about nine Kms and the track went behind Riley’s house.

It was hard but at least I finished, that is all that matters.

Cross country was difficult but I did it and I am so proud of my friends who made it in to the team!  Hopefully i make it in to the team next year.

How do you feel about cross country?

Do you like cross country or not?

6 thoughts on “Cross Country

  1. I feel very nervous at the start because your team is cheering and you feel like you must not fail. I like Cross Country because it is fun to run long distances.

  2. Well it’s good that you tried. I like running long distances but when you don’t come in the top ten you feel a bit bad.

  3. Good job to all those who made it into the team. By the way I made it into the team and I came second and in zones I came 11th

  4. hello Kain
    I have never been on a cross country team but the way you explained it I would like to be on one.Did you hurt your foot doing cross country? And do you do hurdles?

    from coral

  5. I felt annoyed because I was in cross country and I started of first but finished last and yes I do like cross country. Do you?
    From Mia

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