School Life

**Guest Post by Benjamin**

My favourite element of school life is the subjects that I’m learning at school.  My favourite subjects are writing and maths.  I think writing is helpful because it helps you with your writing skills and I enjoy writing stories and writing about different topics.  I enjoying planning my story and wondering what could happen.

I enjoy maths because I like working out different ways to find out the answer to a maths question. I like addition and subtracting the most because it’s awesome.  The most important thing about maths and writing is having fun and learning.

What is your favourite subject at school? What are you most enjoying about school?

Mystery Skype: Guest Post

**Guest Post by Sebastian**

If you know what mystery Skype is then there’s no point in reading this text. Mystery Skype is where you have to find out who you’re Skyping. My job was a Google Mapper, I had to ask questions then a runner comes and takes the question to a filterer who then decides whether it is a good question or not. If it is good, then a questioner asks it to the people. The tweeter sends out tweets of what we are doing.


  • Google Mapper
  • Questioner
  • Filterer
  • Runner
  • Tweeter

Mystery Skype

Last week, we held our first ever Mystery Skype.

Mystery Skype is played with 2 classes. Each class takes turns in asking closed questions to narrow down the location of the other class, eventually identifying which school they belong to.

Each person in the class has a different role to play. These jobs can be different in any class. In our class, our jobs were;

  • Questioners
  • Answerer
  • Filters
  • Runners
  • Google Mappers
  • Greeter
  • Tweeter

The results of our Mystery Skype were…


We had to end our call early because our competitors were just about to go outside for lunch. Both classes were extremely close in finding the other class.

We found out that the other class was a grade 2 class from Avondale Grammar School in Singapore.

We had so much fun doing our first Mystery Skype and hope to do many more this year. You can see some pictures of us in action on our class Twitter feed (@LearningLizards)

What was your favourite part of the Mystery Skype call? What role did you play?


**Guest Post by Lily.D**

This week in Maths, we have been learning about maps, grids and location. We have learnt that when you draw grids, we use a, b, c’s down the side and numbers along the top. We use these to help us find grid references (also called co-ordinates) We have also learnt about compass points to help us talk about direction.

What do you think about what we have learnt on maps and grids? 

Shark Skype

**Guest Post by Matthew**

Today we Skyped Mikki, who studies sharks.

We learned that:

  • Some sharks have to swim to live. This makes the water flow through their gills so that they can get oxygen.
  • Some sharks glow in the dark!
  • Some sharks lay on the bottom of the sea until their prey (small fish) comes by, and then they attack.
  • There is a goblin shark, whose jaw can come forward out of its socket.


Would you swim with sharks if you could?  What is your favourite shark?

Sharks and their Amazing Adaptations

Today we had our first ever Skype call with Dr Mikki McComb-Kobza from Ocean First Institute.


We learnt some amazing facts about sharks, different species of sharks and their special features.

We learnt some amazing facts which we tweeted out form our class Twitter account (@LearningLizards) as Mikki was speaking. Some facts we learnt were;

  • Some sharks have to keep moving to breathe – the leopard shark doesn’t. It can stay still all day and still be able to survive.
  • Megladon was the biggest shark ever and used to eat whales!
  • The mako shark is the fastest shark – it is known as the cheetah of the ocean


We also learnt about the importance of conservation of sharks. In some countries, sharks are hunted for their fins. People use their fins to make shark fin soup – a delicacy in some countries. The rest of the shark is left to die! We felt terrible when we heard about this and are currently making plans to take action against this.


We are extremely grateful to Dr Mikki for taking the time to Skype with us.


What is one interesting fact that you learnt about sharks? What is your favourite species of shark?


** Guest Post by Abbey **

On the 29th of May, 3/4D was given the opportunity to participate in handball against the grade 5/6s.  After playing the 1st round, my team lost by 2 points.

Miss Fraser then chose 2 teams from our class to play against each other and my team won against Chris’s team and lost against the boys team.

The experience was joyful, my heart was pumping with excitement, it was a superb time.

Did you enjoy Handball? Have you ever played Handball before?

Cross Country

**Guest Post by Kain**

The year 4, 5 and 6’s competed to get into the cross country team, which then gets to participate against other schools.

Four people from my class got into the team.  Riley, Liam, Charleigh and Mia.

I really wanted to get into the team.  I didn’t do that good as i had a sore foot and a stitch and i did not get in the team.

Cross country is a big challange especially the big hill we had to run up!

Cross country was held in school time and we had to run about nine Kms and the track went behind Riley’s house.

It was hard but at least I finished, that is all that matters.

Cross country was difficult but I did it and I am so proud of my friends who made it in to the team!  Hopefully i make it in to the team next year.

How do you feel about cross country?

Do you like cross country or not?