Spelling Rap

**Guest Post by Charleigh and Keely**

Charleigh and Keely were practising their spelling words. They decided to do the task card that was called Catchy Tunes. The instructions were to write a song or rap (they did a rap) using all of their spelling words.

Keely’s Spelling words:

  • Bibliography
  • Apostrophe
  • Camouflage
  • Battalion
  • Amphibian

Charleigh’s Spelling words:

  • Finally
  • Prepared
  • Terrified
  • Country
  • Brake


Can you hear all of the spelling words in the rap?

7 thoughts on “Spelling Rap

  1. Hi all,
    That activity was very fun and also very challenging. Charleigh and I tried to make it make sense as well as we could. Unfortunately some parts don`t much sense. We also had to perform in front of the class! It was very embarrassing but also very fun.

    Do you think you would like to make a song with your spelling words?

    • Yeah. I couldn’t remember my spelling words, but I looked up a random word generator and got:


      If you don’t have a sense of humour
      Then I ought to drop a fossil on you
      And give you a tumour
      Then spray deterrent on some ants
      so they stop what they’re doing
      And run up your pants
      As you run downhill in fright.
      Yeah, that’s what I’ll do dear.

      It’s rhyming pattern is ABACDCDEF, which I don’t think is a real thing, but I don’t care! It’s a song!

      What do you think of my song?

  2. Making a rap or any type of song using spelling words sounds very fun! If you made another one it would be fantastic. In Keely’s spelling list there was the word bibliography, what does it mean and how would you put it in a sentence.

    • Hi Chris,
      What a great comment! I have no doubt that Keely and Charleigh would love to make another rap or song.
      Bibliography is a list of references, usually included at the end of an essay or research project, to show where the information used has come from. For example, if you were to research Taylor Swift and present that information to somewhere, you would need to include a bibliography to show which websites or books your information has come from.
      Hope that made sense! Have you showed Mum our post about our Skype with Mikki?
      From Miss Fraser 🙂

  3. Great Job Guys! I agree it is sensational, but I wonder how long is took you to make it. anything else about it is GREAT!! 🙂

    From Maddie

  4. Hi Keely and Charleigh
    Did that rap have other words in it too?
    It was a very good rap, one of the best i’ve seen.

    from Sebastian

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