Alpha Productions: Hercules

After a busy week of NAPLAN last week, it was nice to finish off with the always wonderful performance from Alpha Productions. This year, we watched “Hercules”

Hercules is the story of the son of Zeus who is supposed to be killed by the Lord of the Underworld’s assistant. Instead, he is taken from Mt Olympus to Earth and grows up there. He finds he has God-like powers but cannot explain why. Eventually, Hercules finds out the truth and, with the help of his sidekick Pegasus, sets on a path to becoming a true hero. He falls in love with Megarra, who is secretly working with Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. They try to find Hercules’ weakness to defeat him, until Hades realises that Hercules and Megarra are in love and uses this against him. He makes a deal with Hercules and takes his strength for one whole day. Hades sets Megarra free and heads up to Mount Olympus to defeat Zeus. However, Hercules gets there in time and tries to stop Hades without fighting. Unfortunately, Hades is too strong for Hercules and when they are sword fighting, Megarra steps in and gets stabbed. Hercules makes a deal where Hades will take Hercules in Megarra’s place and this selfless act means that Zeus grants him eternal life as a God.

What do you think the message of the story was? Did you enjoy the performance?

2 thoughts on “Alpha Productions: Hercules

  1. Dear everyone,
    I loved the Hercules production,
    I think that the people that were performing had a great attitude during the show and it was good that they were not lazing off!
    My favourite character was the pegasus, I was super surprised that it was a girl!! 🙂

  2. Dear miss. Fraser,
    If I rated the alpha production out of 5 stars I would rate I ****/4 stars. My favorite part was when Pegasus tried to teach Hercules to twerk. What was yours?

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