Roald Dahl

**Guest Post by Summer**

Our class have been reading Roald Dahl books. Roald Dahl is a famous author and has been all around the world publishing famous children books and some adult (challenging kids books) our class has read Fantastic Mr Fox and Dirty Beasts. We are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and are also watching the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie at lunch times.

Have you read Roald Dahl books before? What is your favourite?

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  1. Hi Summer,
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a very interesting book. I love James and the Giant peach (the book we are reading at the moment) as well, along with all the others we have read. I have to say though The Twits has to be my favourite. I really hope we read it. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The Movie was very good although it was a little different to the book. I also hope to read Charlie and the Glass Elevator. I wish to continue reading Roald Dahl he is such a fantastic writer.

    Have you read The Twits?

    From Keely

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