To my Grade 3 students

To my dear Grade 3 Students,

Tomorrow you will sit your first NAPLAN test. Before you take this test, there is something very important that I would like you to know…

This test does not assess all of what makes each of you exceptional or unique.

The people who score these tests don’t know that some of you love to dance, are good at drawing or can teach others how to use a computer program. They have not seen the creative drawings you do, the complicated dances you learn or how many facts you know about certain animals! They do not know that your friends count on you to be there for them when they are sad. They do not know that you participate in sports, help your Mum or Dad, or that you play with your little brothers and sisters. They do not know that you are caring and thoughtful, or that you try your best every day at school. They do not know these things, because these attributes cannot be tested.

The scores you get from this test will tell you how you went on one day, but they will not tell you everything. They cannot tell you that you have improved on something you once found difficult. They can’t tell you that you are funny or that you brighten my day! They can’t tell you how amazingly special you are!

So come to school ready to do your best on the NAPLAN test and remember that there is no way to ‘test’ all the wonderful things that make you, YOU!

See you tomorrow,

Miss Fraser

4 thoughts on “To my Grade 3 students

  1. Hello learning lizards of Killara Primary School

    I am one of Miss Frasers year 6 students from 2013 (Frole Island was our old blog)
    I have now been through 3 NAPLAN tests and don’t worry, they’re not that hard and there’s no need to stress. Just think positive and try your best.
    Good luck :3

    Sincerely Jo H

    • Hi Jo,
      It is great to hear from you! How is high school going? I hope you are working hard.
      Did you do the Relay for Life this year? Or is yours later in the year?
      So excited to hear from you! I love when my old students stop past and leave a comment or send me an email to keep me updated.
      Miss Fraser 🙂

  2. Dear Miss Fraser,
    No wonder the kids love you, those words were incredibly thoughtful. They are very lucky to have you.
    From Gayle

  3. Dear Miss Fraser & 3/4s,
    I really enjoyed your Class Blog.
    The letter you wrote to the Grade 3 Students about Naplan was amazing!
    What are you learning in your Class?
    Have a great year!

    From Alessandra A 3/4L

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