Forensics Incursion

** Guest Post by Lily.M**

On Friday, 3/4 D and several other 3/4 classes went to the gym for the Forensic Science Incursion. Everyone had a great time!

Phoebe, our guest, told a fascinating story about the crime scene, and showed us different tables filled with interesting things to help solve the the 2 mysteries:

Who attacked Joseph Connor?

Who stole valuables from the auction house?

The information on the many tables taught us about DNA, fingerprints, and even a tent encasing a small lamp glowing with ultraviolet light. Almost all of things on the tables were things forensic scientists use to investigate a crime scene. Phoebe even said the ink on the fingerprints table was identical to that used in the FBI!  After carefully putting together all the clues we had gathered, we solved the mystery!

We also used the information learned from the DNA activity to find a student (Abbey C from our class) who matched the description, and Phoebe handcuffed and questioned her. She admitted to all the crimes, but despite our wishes, she was freed.

Did you enjoy the incursion? Which activities did you like the most? 

8 thoughts on “Forensics Incursion

  1. I don’t think my story would be half as good if my fantastic mother, a writer, hadn’t expertly proofread my writing. Before she did, the summary was much less powerful.

  2. I did enjoy the forensic incursion.
    I liked trying to find out the secret code of the safe. I also liked trying the forensic suits on.

  3. I think it was a great post Lily, you did a brilliant job. I think every one enjoyed it. I hope you make another spectacular post like that 🙂

  4. Dear Miss Fraser and 3/4D class,
    I love your google slides presentation about your forensics incursion.
    I saw your photos and it looks like a lot of fun to. Why did you have to wear those blue jackets?
    From Matthew M 3/4L

  5. Dear Miss Fraser and 3/4D,

    I looked at the pictures on your blog and to me it looks like the kids in your class are very intelligent. I want to know what you are learning in class. I hope you have a great day.
    From Yolanda 3/4L

  6. Dear Miss Fraser and 3/4D,
    From the video, your Forensics Incursion looked really cool!
    I hope you had a good time.
    From Eve F 3/4L

  7. Hi 3/4D,
    I like your blog. I like the slides and what is the incursion that you did? I Like the photos of the incursion of what you were doing. What things are learning in class like subjects? What are you doing in maths? I’d like to know.
    From RobbieT 3/4L

  8. Dear Miss Fraser and 3/4s
    I really like your class blog!
    I hope you really enjoyed your forensics incursion.
    Who competed in the cross country?

    From Georgia F 3/4L

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