Active April

*Guest Post by Keely*


3/4D and all of Killara P.S are participating in something called Active April. Active April is where you track all of your physical activity. It is a race to the top of the ladder.

All physical activity boosts your heart rate. The harder you work the higher your heart rate goes. When you do any athletic activity your heart is getting stronger. When you have a strong heart you are healthier. There are many different athletic activities you can do. If you would like to join click here.


What physical activity do you? Do you think boosting your heart rate is important?

3 thoughts on “Active April

  1. Hello,
    For exercise I do baseball. I enjoy baseball because, it gets me outside and lets my energy out. I think it’s very important for you to exercise and keep your heart healthy, because with a healthy heart you have a longer life span and you feel good when you have a healthy heart. Do you enjoy any sports? What activities have you logged for Active April?
    Please visit my class blog at Helpern’s Helpers Class Blog.

    • Hi Ian,
      I enjoy dancing and basketball. Although I do not play basketball anymore I still enjoy just going out into the backyard and shooting a few hoops. I do a lot of dancing I dance 5 days a week. I am a 100% determined to become a dancer or performer.
      Do you want to become a Baseball Player?
      Please respond
      From your new friend Keely!

  2. Dear 3/4,
    Great video of your incursion. It looks like you had a fun day. I also saw a lot of teamwork which is great. Thanks so much for following us on Twitter, we will take a look of the Jet-ski game, sounds really fun.
    From: Niki H 3/4L :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-]

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