Forensic Science Incursion

** Guest Post by Isobel **

3/4D and some other classes came to the gym to solve a terrible crime. When we came in the gym it had  heaps of equipment . We were trying to find the answers to these quiz questions……..

Who injected Joseph Connor?

Who were the people who stole the jewels from the auction house?

We had great fun! At the end we found out that Abby C from are class was the injector! She admitted to all the crimes and got hand cuffed but she got free. But Abbey and Joseph fell in…….LOVE!

What was your favourite part? Were you shocked that Abbey was the one?


Tomorrow is ANZAC Day.

Every year, on the 25th of April, we celebrate ANZAC Day. ANZAC stands for;

New Zealand

This year is special because we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the landing at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli, Turkey.

In our class, we have explored an interactive timeline of the landing at Anzac Cove, which gave us a brilliant insight into both sides of the battle. You can watch the videos here.

We worked with a partner to research one of the many soldiers who fought in the battle and created 3D Graphic Organisers in the shape of boats.

We also watched some Behind the News stories to help us gain a better understanding of why we celebrate ANZAC Day. Some stories are below:

Do you know anyone who has fought in any wars? Have you ever attended an ANZAC Day dawn service?

Active April

*Guest Post by Keely*


3/4D and all of Killara P.S are participating in something called Active April. Active April is where you track all of your physical activity. It is a race to the top of the ladder.

All physical activity boosts your heart rate. The harder you work the higher your heart rate goes. When you do any athletic activity your heart is getting stronger. When you have a strong heart you are healthier. There are many different athletic activities you can do. If you would like to join click here.


What physical activity do you? Do you think boosting your heart rate is important?

Forensics Incursion

** Guest Post by Lily.M**

On Friday, 3/4 D and several other 3/4 classes went to the gym for the Forensic Science Incursion. Everyone had a great time!

Phoebe, our guest, told a fascinating story about the crime scene, and showed us different tables filled with interesting things to help solve the the 2 mysteries:

Who attacked Joseph Connor?

Who stole valuables from the auction house?

The information on the many tables taught us about DNA, fingerprints, and even a tent encasing a small lamp glowing with ultraviolet light. Almost all of things on the tables were things forensic scientists use to investigate a crime scene. Phoebe even said the ink on the fingerprints table was identical to that used in the FBI!  After carefully putting together all the clues we had gathered, we solved the mystery!

We also used the information learned from the DNA activity to find a student (Abbey C from our class) who matched the description, and Phoebe handcuffed and questioned her. She admitted to all the crimes, but despite our wishes, she was freed.

Did you enjoy the incursion? Which activities did you like the most? 

Chair Aerobics

As part of Active April, the Learning Lizards and 3/4C participated in classroom chair aerobics.

In partners, we took a chair and completed some exercises. We did dips, step-ups, push-ups, crunches and squats.

We are working hard each day to exercise or participate in physical activity for at least 30 minutes.

The Premier’s Active April Challenge is part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to promote healthy and active lifestyles and get Victorians to join in the fun of increased physical activity by completing at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. As a participant, you can log your daily activity with the Active April app and chart your progress throughout the month. You can also create and join teams, track the progress of team members and discover events that are taking place in your local area.

The Learning Lizards are one big team competing against other teams in the school. All of the 3/4 classes have made a commitment to play games with each other for 30 minutes each day for the rest of April! We have played kickball with Mr B’s class and today will be competing in Cross Country.

What activity have you participated in lately? Do you participate in at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day?

Welcome Back to Term 2!

On Monday, the Learning Lizards returned to school from a 2 week holiday break. During the holidays, we celebrated Easter.

Upon our return to school, we have used our knowledge of graphs to collect data about everyone’s holiday activities and created a picture graph to represent this data.

We are looking forward to many things this term, such as;

  • Cross Country
  • Forensics Incursion
  • Science Inquiry focus
  • More netbook time!

**Stay tuned to hear more about our learning!**

What are you looking to the most in Term 2? What did you do over the holidays?