Student Blogging Challenge Week 1

As part of our student blogging challenge this week, we were asked to create avatars of ourselves.

In our class, we don’t always have access to devices so we had to wait until Thursday afternoon to have a go at this task. We made our avatars using Reasonably Clever, Manga and Doppel Me.

It was our first time learning new skills when making and saving the avatars. We learnt how to Print Screen, crop an image and save it to the correct folder.

Here are our avatars below. What do you think?

What did you enjoy the most about making an avatar? Which site did you use? Why did you make your avatar look the way it does?

12 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge Week 1

  1. Dear Miss Fraser and Learning Lizards,
    These are great avatars you have made. We want to try that website too. We have 12 Dell mini computers in our classroom. We think that there are some great websites that support our work in math, reading and writing and make learning fun and exciting. We enjoy finding ones to incorporate into our learning when we can. Thanks for visiting our blog last week.
    From, Mrs. Amri and The Crew

  2. Dear Learning Lizards,

    We think your avatars are amazing! Also, we are impressed you were able to do all of those steps in order to get them into that great animoto video. Our class was able to create vokis for our avatars. We use Chromebooks, but don’t always have one for each of us. If you’d like to see ours, you can visit our class blog ! Of course, we will be looking into the great tools you used as well.

    Your new blogging friends,
    Mrs. Moore’s Class

    • Hello, Amber! Are you enjoying our blog? Miss Fraser was very clever to know how to make that video. If you wanted to, there are loads of sites Miss Fraser found to create an avatar! We only used three sites: the one that looked like Lego, the one that only showed a face, and the cartoony one that showed the whole body.

      Who’s avatar did you like best? (mine, right?)

  3. Hi Lizards,

    I really enjoyed looking at all of your avatars! What a clever idea. I would love to have wings on my avatar.

  4. Hi Miss Fraser and Learning Lizards ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s Bailey from 5/6 Team @ UPPS!
    Those averters look great! I might even follow the link and use it as my averter- because I have a blog! If you are any interested, fill free to post a comment at
    I had a look at all the links on your side bar and noticed that you have a LOT of blog buddies. Some of you even have your own blogs like me ๐Ÿ™‚
    What is your favourite thing about blogging?
    Got to go,
    From Bailey from 5/6 Team, Upper Plenty, Victoria

  5. I like how you all chose a different site for your avatars and put it together in a presentation. I also liked how you added creativity to your avatars.

  6. I liked you video because it was very interesting and I liked it because it tells you the people in you class and I really like you avatar.

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