What’s the time, Mr Wolf?

This week, the Learning Lizards have been learning about time. We have looked at analogue and digital times.

We watched this video to help us learn more about the time.

Do you find telling the time difficult? Do you own a watch yourself?


7 thoughts on “What’s the time, Mr Wolf?

  1. I am so looking forward to camp . it is my first time going so I will find out how hard and fun it is . bye for now from abbey 3\4 D

  2. Dear Miss Fraser’s Class,
    We are excited to begin visiting your blog this week as a part of The Student Blogging Challenge. We are learning how to tell time too. Some of us have watches. The video was really helpful for us. Thank you for sharing your learning with us. We will be following your blog and look forward to sharing our learning with you. We hope you will visit our class blog and our individual blogs when you can and leave us a comment.
    From, Mrs. Amri and The Crew

  3. Dear Miss Fraser’s Class,
    I have a new watch and I loved reading your post about telling time. Do you like analog or digital watches better?
    From, Charlotte

    • Dear Addi,
      I recently bought a new watch too, but it is analogue, and I can only understand digital. Miss Fraser showed us this video, and now I can understand both. My favourite is still definitely digital (even 24 -hour time) because I find it so much easier to understand.

  4. Dear Mrs. Fraser’s class,

    We our looking forward to comment a little more on your blog and we like the blog.

    From, Garrett and Leal

  5. Hi Miss Fraser

    I watched this in my class a couple of days ago. I have a little trouble telling 24 hour time.

    From Charlotte :{

    P.S. I don’t known why Amber and Mia haven’t sent a comment yet. :(:)

  6. Dear Miss Fraser and 3/4s,
    Sometimes I find telling time really hard!! I do own a watch but it is digital not analogue.
    Also I love your blog I think it is great and I think your class learns a lot from you.
    Does your class get stuck with time a lot?
    Anthony s 3/4L

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