Guess My Number

The Learning Lizards have been working on place value. Place value is important because it helps with our understanding of numbers and all of our other number facts.

We created stories so that others could guess our numbers. We chose a 5 digit number and wrote clues so that others could discover our numbers.

Can you solve our puzzles and guess our numbers?

Leave a comment telling what number you think some or all of the students had picked!

15 thoughts on “Guess My Number

    Lily M’s was extremely challenging. Took about 10 minutes. You put a lot of effort into them I can tell. Can’t wait to see more of your work.

    How long did they take?

    From Keely and Indya

    • Hi Keely and Indya,
      We had a lot of fun creating the Mystery Numbers! Lily’s number was very challenging. I love these types of puzzles though and I especially love finding patterns. Indya, I hope Keely has told you about all of the fun things we have done so far in class. Keep your eyes out for a new post updating everyone on our Start of School activities soon!
      From Miss Fraser 🙂

      • Hi Miss Fraser,
        I`ve told Indya all about the fun things we have been doing. I recently told her about the clocks we made. To help with telling the time. Indya said she did an activity just like it except they didn`t use two paper plates. Can`t wait for more fun, exciting yet challenging activities.
        From Keely

    • Thanks for spending the time to figure out mine! I’ll give everyone a clue. The first digit is a… 9!

      By the way Keely, did you figure out what “squared” and “square root” meant?

  2. Ben thought this was a bit challenging and came up with the following answers –
    Keely & Charleigh = 69857
    Abbey & Summer = 72981
    Lily M = 93284
    Sebastian = Ben couldn’t understand this one.

    • Hi Ben (And Craig!)
      I can tell you that you have found the correct digits for Keely & Charleigh (And Floor Group)’s number but they are not in the correct order. I won’t tell you any other answers so that others can have a go at guessing! Lily’s was very challenging – how did you find the answer?
      From Miss Fraser 🙂

      • Hi Miss Fraser,
        Ben recalculated the answers to Abbey & Summer and the floor group. Answers as follows –
        A & S = 79281
        Floor group = 98765

        Ben made up his own puzzle for the class to guess. This is –

        This is a five digit number
        The number in the hundred place is 4 – 2
        The number in the ones is 2 x 3
        The number in the one thousand place is 5 + 4
        The number in the tens place is 19 / 2
        The number in the ten thousands place is 15 / 3

        Good luck

        • Hi Ben,
          Well done for having another go at the puzzles! Persistence is a very important skill to have. You have definitely cracked the floor group’s number! You will have to check with Summer & Abbey whether their number is correct.
          I am having trouble guessing your number. I can get all the digits except the tens at the moment because I can’t divide 19 by 2 to get a whole number! Could you help me out? Perhaps it was a typing error.
          Miss Fraser 🙂

      • I’ll give you a clue, Summer. Squared means multiplied by itself, and square root is the opposite.
        I guarantee you aren’t stupid for not knowing mine, Summer. I honestly couldn’t remember or figure out MY OWN NUMBER before I saw it in the comments.

        Anyone else figured out mine yet?

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