Guess My Number

The Learning Lizards have been working on place value. Place value is important because it helps with our understanding of numbers and all of our other number facts.

We created stories so that others could guess our numbers. We chose a 5 digit number and wrote clues so that others could discover our numbers.

Can you solve our puzzles and guess our numbers?

Leave a comment telling what number you think some or all of the students had picked!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school for 2015!

After six weeks of school holidays, students at Killara Primary School returned to school on Thursday January 29th. Miss Fraser is looking forward to learning with her new Grade 3/4 students.

We have so much to look forward to this year, such as working and learning with our netbooks and Camp in Term 3 to Camp Allambee.

Miss Fraser is sure all of the students in 3/4D will learn so much in 2015 and enjoy their time being part of our classroom community.

Our Summer has been quite cold so Miss Fraser will be very interested to hear how the students in 3/4D spent their holidays…


Miss Fraser spent Christmas with her fiance` Brenton and family. She played Wii with her cousin Lachlan, who is starting Grade 1 this year. Miss Fraser & Brenton went to Echuca for a day with their dog Arj who swam in the Murray River (and then forgot that he knew how to swim!) Miss Fraser also spent a lot of time at Pets Haven – an animal shelter in Woodend. She is helping Pets Haven at the moment by fostering a dog, who she has fallen in love with! Miss Fraser, Kathryn and Miss Alex also attended Miss Vosti’s wedding together. Miss Vosti made a beautiful bride and is now called Mrs Barclay (Her classroom is opposite ours!)

Leave a comment to tell about your holidays. What are you looking forward to in 2015?