End of 2014

Our year has unfortunately come to an end!

Yesterday was the final day of the school year for the Learning Lizards. We have enjoyed so many great times together throughout the year and Miss Fraser will miss her class very much!

On the final week of school, we had our Swimming Carnival and met our new teachers for 2015.

What was your favourite activity from 2014?

Thank you for following our blog in 2014! We will continue using the same address next year. School resumes on Thursday, January 29. Have a happy and safe Christmas and enjoy your holidays!

Genius Hour Expo

On Thursday of Week 10, the Learning Lizards held their Genius Hour Expo!

We invited family, friends and other classes to visit our Expo in the theatre. We have spent all term working on creating something to either inform or entertain our audiences. We mostly used cardboard boxes and some of us used Google Slides to help present information.

Here are some pictures from our Expo:

We were blown away by the amount of people who came to see our projects. Thank you!

What did you enjoy about Genius Hour this term? What was your favourite project? What would you do differently next time?

Hour of Code

December 8-14 is Computer Science Education Week. To introduce students to computer programming, the Learning Lizards completed an “Hour of Code”.

The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics

We played different games and completed different activities to learn how to write computer codes. Some were more challenging than others.

We learnt to persist with challenging tasks and to work collaboratively to achieve our goals.

Miss Fraser was extremely impressed with our persistence, collaboration and enthusiasm for expanding our coding skills. Although it was a little tricky at first, once we were shown how to drag the action blocks it was much easier to manipulate the characters.

What did you think of the Hour of Code? Is it something you would like to try again? 

Gingerbread Men Magnets Craft

As part of our Christmas present this year, Miss Fraser organised for Hauyie’s Mum, Karen, to come in and teach us some craft. Karen makes clay magnets all the time and had already made some for Miss Fraser. Karen is also very creative with food – check out the lunch she made for Miss Fraser!


Karen took small groups at a time and helped us to make Gingerbread Men magnets. We used air clay which is really light and very easy to mould. We had to wait for our clay to dry all day before we could take it home. Hauyie told us to keep our Gingerbread Men away from water and to make sure we didn’t squish them.

We are very thankful to Karen for taking the time to come in and teach us how to make the magnets. We enjoyed it very much!

Have you ever made anything out of clay? What did you enjoy the most from making the Gingerbread Men magnets?

Writing Letters

We enjoyed our “Aboriginal for a Day” incursion so much that we decided to write to Big Al, Pancakes and Azza to thank them for coming to our school.

We learned how to write letters properly. We needed to put the return address in the top right corner of our letter – this was something new that we learned to do when we typed our letters up on the computer.

Miss Fraser and 3/4D wrote an example letter using this letter generator. Click to have a go for yourself!

After our letters were written and typed up, we put them in envelopes and walked to the post box at the end of our street. We then sent off our letters by posting them.

Thanks to Kymberley for joining us on our walk!

Have you ever written a letter to someone? Have you ever had a Pen Pal? Is letter writing still an important skill to learn?