Every Kid Needs a Champion

We watched a TED talk by Rita Pierson called “Every Kid Needs a Champion

As the year comes to an end, this made Miss Fraser reflect on what kind of teacher she is to 3/4D and to all the other kids in the school. Miss Fraser became a teacher because she loves kids and wants to inspire them. Think about teachers that you have had in your schooling life. What can you remember about them?

Have you ever had a champion teacher? Why were they a champion? We would love to hear your inspirational stories!

3 thoughts on “Every Kid Needs a Champion

  1. I love this TED talk. It is one of my favourites. Any student who has a teacher that inspires them to be their best and do their best is truly blessed. Any teacher that takes the time to inspire their students to achieve great things is rewarded 1000 fold in seeing a child’s face light up and their self esteem grow because they got great results from doing their best!

  2. Dear 3/ 4 D,
    I really enjoyed the TED talk. I have had a champion tennis coach who always gives out positive input and never puts anyone down.
    Who’s your champion teacher?
    From Felicity

    • Hi Felicity,
      My champion teacher(s) were my Grade 6 teacher – Mrs Smith and Mr Payne. They had a great sense of humour and made learning fun and they treated us like adults as well. When I did my final year of placement as a student teacher, I went back to my primary school and Mr Payne was the Assistant Principal – so I had to be on my best behaviour! I’m sure Kathryn would agree with me and would share these teachers as her champion teachers!
      From Miss Fraser 🙂

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