Throughout the month of October, our school has been participating in…

where we walk to and from school and record our walks for the whole month of October.

Some of our wonderful teachers started walking from a short distance away from the school on Friday mornings and encouraged other students, teachers and parents to join us. Students were able to be dropped off and walk with us, which was great if they lived too far away to walk to school normally!

(The teachers have decided to continue our Friday Fitness Walking Club for the rest of the year and will be walking from the Red Post Box at 8:30 every Friday morning – feel free to join us, we would love your company!)


Each class recorded their walks on a classroom calendar. Once the month was over, the Learning Lizards collected the classroom calendars and used the data to find;

  • How many students were in each class
  • How many students in each class walked at least once in the whole month
  • How many walks each class recorded
  • The mean, median, mode and range of each class’ data



**We found out some amazing facts about Walktober for our school.**

Out of our 618 students in the school, 544 students walked at least once in the month of October. That’s an 88% participation rate!

There were 9404 walks recorded for the whole school!

The total number of walks for each year level were:
Prep: 703
Grade 1/2: 3285
Grade 3/4: 3179
Grade 5/6: 2237

You can see more of the data in the spreadsheet below. Some measures of central tendencies (mean, median, mode & range) have not yet been filled in.

What did you enjoy most about Walktober? Does your school participate in Walktober? Do you normally walk to or from school? What are some benefits of walking to or from school?

2 thoughts on “Walktober

  1. Dear 3/4D,
    Walktober was fantastic. Heaps of people walked to and from school. It was so much fun. I can not wait until next year when we do Walktober again. However I know that I’ll try to walk as much as I can, despite the fact I do not live very close school. I really love the breeze in my face, watching the cars fly by and the meeting friends along the way. So that is why walktober is so fun to me. I am so happy that the whole school achieved 9404 walks all together. AWESOME & WELL DONE EVERY-ONE !!!!!!!!

    See you all on Monday.

    From Patrick 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Patrick,
      I’m glad you really enjoyed participating in Walktober. I don’t live close to school either but I enjoyed walking every Friday from the post box.
      You have used an awesome power of three in your comment!! I’m very proud.
      We did so well as a school, I wonder if we can get 10,000 walks next year!
      Thanks for leaving such a great comment,
      From Miss Fraser 🙂

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