Indigenous Rotation Day

We have started our final school term for the year with a Bang!


Last Wednesday, to kick start our Inquiry for the term, the 3/4 Team held an Indigenous Rotation Day.

Each class rotated to all of the other 3/4 rooms to immerse themselves in different aspects of Indigenous life. The workshops we participated in were; Photographs, Videos, Geography/Location, Paintings, Fact and Fiction Sort, Symbols/Drawings and Dreamtime Stories.

Miss Fraser and Alyssa ran the Painting Workshop. We read a Dreamtime story and had a go at doing the dot painting a picture from that story.


We learnt so much from such a short time in each workshop. We wrote down what we learnt and wonderings we had from each workshops. You can see some of them in the slides below.

What else did you learn from our Rotation Day? Do you like learning from other teachers in workshops? What is one thing that surprised you about Indigenous Life?

9 thoughts on “Indigenous Rotation Day

  1. hi 3/4 D,
    I really enjoyed the indigence rotation day
    my top 3 favourite activity’s were
    1 dot painting
    2 dreamtime stories
    3 symbols
    from Sarah

  2. Dear 3 / 4 D
    I loved doing the dot painting. The most interesting thing I learnt is that the Indigenous were treated poorly.
    From Felicity

  3. Hi 3/4D,
    What made you think about doing Australia for an inquiry topic? Do you have an exertion planed yet? Happy blogging from Jackson.

  4. Hi Miss Frazer indigenous Australia rotations was awesome because I wanted to learn about the aboriginal tribes paintings and technology I learnt a lot Miss Frazer from Brodie

  5. Hello 34D,
    on Wednesday we had a different workshop each session. We had dreamtime stories, painting, symbols, photographs, geography and location and videos.

    From Mitch and Zach

  6. The rotation day as pretty fun we learned a lot of stuff about aboriginals we did many things a special thanks to the teachers.

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