Book Week

This week is Book Week!

We have been exploring our favourite books and voting for the winners in the Book of the Year competition.

Today, we dressed up as our favourite book characters. Our whole school gathered in the gym before Snack time and had a parade.

Check out our photos of our costumes below. Don’t we look fabulous?

Who is your favourite book character and why? Can you recommend a book for others to read?

19 thoughts on “Book Week

  1. Hi everyone!!
    What an awesome day it was, I am so pleased I got to share some of the day with you. It is so impressive the imagination and effort you guys go to in Book Week, with your character dress ups. Well done, pat on the back to you all.
    I love the Parade, there is a such a buzz in the gym. Hats off to all of the teachers who lead you all with the effort they all go to. So much fun.
    Killara Rocks!!!
    P.S. Thank you for including Sophie, and making her feel very special in your grade. She loves coming to school to help me as Parent Helper.
    Enjoy the rest of your week. And keep reading those books!!
    Hi Mitch πŸ™‚

    • Hi Mum,
      thanks for leaving a comment on our blog and a good quality comment. I’ve read 70 books on premiers reading challenge. p.s most boys were Speacky Magee I was Jeremy Howe!

  2. Hi 34D!
    We loved watching your Book Week Dress Up Day Parade Movie.
    Our class thought you did a great job of dressing up as your favourite characters. Some words we used to describe all of your costumes were “special”, “terrific”, “fantastic” and “outstanding”. Well done! (Miss Sharp thinks the teachers did especially well! πŸ™‚ )
    Our class has just created their own class blog and we are looking forward to reading your blog regularly, as well as the other Grade 3/4’s blogs, and we hope you will be able to have a look at ours in return. (It is on the school website if you are not sure where to find us!)

    We agree with Mitch and Isabella’s mum, KILLARA ROCKS!!!

    From all of 12JS.

    • Hi 1/2JS,
      Wow! What a fabulous 5 star comment you have left for us!
      We hope you enjoyed the Book Week Parade. We loved dressing up in the costumes of our favourite book characters. In our class we had Rodrick & Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, A Deatheater from Harry Potter, Specky Magee and many more characters. What sort of characters did you have in your class?
      We will definitely be visiting your blog soon. Keep up the great work.
      From 3/4D πŸ™‚

  3. Hi 3/4D
    How great do you all look in your costumes. Fantastic effort by you all. Specky Magee and Rodrick and Greg were popular choices in our room too.
    I have a couple of book recommendations for you: The Indian in the Cupboard and The One and Only Ivan. We have read both of these in class and loved them! Our class also likes Tashi, all of Roald Dahl’s books and books about space.
    What book did your class vote as the winner from the Book Week selection?

  4. Hi everyone.

    It’s great to see everyone enthusiastic about Book Week. I loved the costumes. My favourite children’s author is Chris Van Allsburg. He writes and illustrates picture story books often with a twist at the end. He has written The Polar Express and Jumanji, but my favourite is The Widow’s Broom, well worth a read.
    Congratulations to Katie and Patrick on being voted in as class captain and vice-captain.
    Marg (Patrick’s Nan)

  5. My favourite character is Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. From Leila P.S I recommend reading all Harry Potter books:-)

  6. Dear followers of the Learning lizards blog,
    I dressed up as Elsa from Frozen so did Miss Fraser ( twinzies! ).
    My favourite costume was Elmo (Mrs Smith) (cute).
    My favourite part of dress up day every year is that nearly every-one dresses up and every-one has fun!

    From: Jess

  7. Dear 3/4 D,
    my favorite book character is Elizabeth Allen from the Naughtiest girl series. i could not go as her because I planned my costume at the last minute. Most likely Emma would like the book/ series.
    from Felicity

  8. Hi 3/4D
    Book week was EPIC and AWESOME
    I (Emma) dress up as lagoona blue from monster high I (Katie) dress up as Lady rainicorn it was a fun day

    From Emma & Katie πŸ˜€ :(:) πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Miss Fraser and 3/4D
    I loved every ones costumes they were fantastic. My favourite costume was Ella’s costume it was fantastic.

    From Charlotte πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

  10. Hi 3/4D,In the video there was some outstanding costumes I liked the Ned Kelly one. And I love the photo when they are on the playground. Happy blogging.

  11. hi 3/4D this is brodie if people from other classes or country’s im the army guy on the very left with a side strike. I loved book week so fun we done a parade in front of 615 students by 3/4D

  12. Hi 3/4D
    I love all the fantastic costumes your wearing. I was Rodrick just to let you know I hate my brother Greg heffly.

    Goodbye 3/4D from phoenix

  13. Hi 3/4D and Miss Fraser,
    Book week was very cool. I saw Iron Man, spider Man and lots of other costumes. I was a spy I liked all the costumes. I loved the parade

    From Patrick

  14. dear, fellow class mate’s
    my favourite character is RON WEASLEY
    but I came as a death eater

    from Sarah the HUGE HARRY POTTER fan

  15. Dear 3/4 Learning Lizards,

    Wow! It looks like you all had such a fabulous day last week. We had our dress up day today and it sure was a lot of fun! I dressed up as the Gingerbread Man, but there were also some witches, some footy players and Nim, from Nim’s Island!
    Why do you think parades are a good idea to have at school on days like this?

    From Miss T

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