Super Shapes

Tonight is Killara’s annual Family Maths Night!

Miss Fraser has organised for students and their families to visit our blog to complete a shapes challenge.

The problem for the night is called Super Shapes.

*This problem comes from the Nrich website.

Each of the following shapes has a value:


The value of the circle changes in each of the following problems.

Can you discover its value in each problem, if the value of the shapes are being added together?


Write your solution in a comment below. How did you work out the answers?

Book Week

This week is Book Week!

We have been exploring our favourite books and voting for the winners in the Book of the Year competition.

Today, we dressed up as our favourite book characters. Our whole school gathered in the gym before Snack time and had a parade.

Check out our photos of our costumes below. Don’t we look fabulous?

Who is your favourite book character and why? Can you recommend a book for others to read?

Life Education Van

Last Tuesday, we visited the Life Education Van which is parked in our school!


We visit the van every 2 years to learn about how to keep ourselves safe and healthy. We love visiting the van and especially enjoy visiting Harold the Giraffe.

 This year, we completed a program called “bCyberwise”

We learnt lots of tips for keeping safe online. We told our presenter Kelly about our “YAPPY” rule, which helps us to keep safe online.

We were surprised to learn about the different types of devices that have internet access.

What is something new that you learnt about keeping safe online? What was your favourite part of the Life Education van visit?

Class Captains

At Assembly on Monday, our new class captains were announced.

**Congratulations to Katie (Captain) and Patrick (Vice-Captain)**



Class Captains have many responsibilities in the classroom, including running our classroom meetings.

Have you held any positions of responsibility before? Do you have class captains at your school? What jobs do they have in the class?

Growing Mould

You might be wondering why anyone would want to grow mould in the first place. You might also wonder how and where we would do this in the classroom…

Our new pre-service teacher, Alyssa, helped us in completing a science experiment. The purpose of this experiment was to follow instructions and wipe a piece of bread on a surface. We then needed to put the piece of bread in a freezer bag and tie it up. We stuck our freezer bags to the window to allow the bread to bathe in sunlight.

We made predictions about what we thought might happen to the bread.

The next day, we wrote out the steps we undertook to complete our experiment. Miss Fraser & Alyssa think some of our pieces of bread were a little too wet and soggy and they are no longer recognisable as bread!

After a couple of days we will take down our bread to see if any mould has grown on the bread.

What do you think might happen to the bread? Would you make changes to the way you conducted your experiment?