Learning Lizard Geniuses!

Yesterday, we presented our Term 2 Genius Hour projects to the class. We also had some parents attend to watch us share our learning.

You can find some photos of our presentations plus some of the actual presentations (if completed on Google) below. We had such a huge range of questions and topics covered – from Dinosaurs, reptiles such as snakes and lizards to the Haka and Harry Potter!

We absolutely loved doing Genius Hour for the first time this term and can’t wait to begin next term! Miss Fraser is super proud of our efforts in trying to answer our big questions.

Snakes by Jackson, Phoenix & Ben:

The First Person on Earth by Jessica & Charlotte:

Dolphins by Tyler, Felicity & Sophie:

Dinosaurs by Alannah & Emma:

Bearded Dragons by Azmain:

Ancient Egypt by Patrick:

What was your favourite part of Genius Hour? What was something interesting that you learned? Have you started to think about your big question for Term 3 Genius Hour?

6 thoughts on “Learning Lizard Geniuses!

  1. Super fantastic work 3/4D! I was so impressed reading the slides of your final products, as I recall you all coming up with your ‘Questions’ and researching the topics! Big pats on the backs to all of you 🙂

  2. Hi Miss Fraser and 3/4D
    Well Done Jessica and Charlotte your genies hour project was great. I loved Felicity’s, Tyler’s and Sophie’s because it was on dolphins. I like dolphins. They are all very good projects. My favourite genies hour project was Jessica’s and Charlotte’s.Which genies hour project was your favourite?

    From Zoe

  3. Well done 3/4 D what an amazing job you have all done on your presentations and research. I really enjoyed watching them all, and I have learnt so much. Great work.

  4. Hi 3/4D,
    I liked all of the Genius Hour Presentations.
    My favourite one that is on the blog is Charlotte’s and Jess’ Genius Hour.
    What was your favourite Genius Hour Presentation? How many Genius Hour Presentations where there?
    From Amber 🙂 🙂

  5. Hi 3/4D,
    I liked looking through all of the Genius Hour Projects. They were cool. My favourite one was by Phoenix, Jackson and Ben’s Genius Hour Project because they were all about snakes. What was your favourite Genius Hour Project?
    From Jordan (Amber’s Brother)

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