Lady Northcote Camp

On Monday 21st July, 3/4 A,B,C and D hopped on 2 buses and made our way to Lady Northcote Camp just past Bachus Marsh. Luckily for us, the bus drive from school was quite short.

When we arrived at camp, we were taken on a tour by Andrea, one of the staff members. We were so excited to see the big grounds and where we would we doing our activities.

We at lunch and then found out who was in our cabin. We dropped our luggage off in our cabins which were in one of three lodges – Allawah Lodge, Towrie Lodge or Wakakeita Cottage. We then came running back down the hill to find out our activity groups and which activity we would be doing first!

There were six activity group and we completed two activities on the first day and four on the second. The activities we all completed were the Giant Swing, Flying Fox, Orienteering, Initiatives, Archery and Hut Building.

One the first night, we were very tired so after a delicious dinner of pasta (with our choice of sauce!) we watched the movie Wall:E and then made our way through the cold air to our cabins for bed. Some of us stayed up very late talking!

On the second night after another delicious dinner of Chicken Schnitzel and vegetables, we held our “Red Faces” performances, which are a tradition at our camps. The audience were treated to some high quality acts that included dances, singing and acting. Our judging panel did a great job and Officer Eldridge refused to reveal his scores so we didn’t find out the winners of Red Faces until Monday at Assembly.

On our final day at camp, each activity group went on a “Toon Challenge” which was like a massive scavenger hunt around the whole camp. One or two teachers or parents accompanied each group and in addition to finding items to collect as we followed the map, we had to completed challenges at certain points and even create a team song! We had so much fun doing the Toon Challenge – it was unlike anything we’d done before!

**Photos to be added soon!

We’d like to thank all of the wonderful students who had a great time on camp, participated wonderfully and behaved beautifully.

We’d also like to thank the parents that joined us on camp – Jodie, Sal, Wayne, Richard and Natalie – for giving up their own personal time as they made our experience so much more special.

What was your favourite camp activity? Why? What surprised you about going to camp?

Welcome to Term 3

Term 3 has begun for school children in Victoria. We can’t believe how quickly the year is going… Time definitely flies when you’re having fun!

This week, we started back on Monday. We thought Miss Fraser had gone a little crazy as she took down our Whole Brain Teaching Rules and told us that they no longer apply.

… No rules?! What?!

Tyler thought about it and explained that just because there were no rules, that didn’t mean that we could go crazy. Miss Fraser agreed and stated that we come to school to learn and so that’s what we’ll be doing. We understand that we are old enough and thoughtful enough to know how to behave so that we can get the mot out of our learning and allow others to do the same.

On Tuesday, we started Maths rotations using data. Our learning is focusing on finding the mean, median, mode and range of sets of data. This is really tricky Maths for Grade 3/4 but we are learning it very quickly with the help of our Flip-Flap books and Jibber-Jabbers. We are also practicing collecting data and finding the mean, median, mode and range using the weather forecast and our bowling scores from Wii Bowling!

On Wednesday, we thought about our big questions for our Term Three Genius Hour! We are working on our questioning skills and creating “non-googleable” questions. We have so many varied ideas… stay tuned for an update on Genius Hour very soon.

We are excited and nervous about camp next week! We are leaving on Monday for Lady Northcote camp.

Term Three is going to be extremely busy with camp, the Walkathon, the School Concert/Arts Expo, Book Week and all of our classroom activities and challenges!

What are you most looking forward to this term?

Learning Lizard Geniuses!

Yesterday, we presented our Term 2 Genius Hour projects to the class. We also had some parents attend to watch us share our learning.

You can find some photos of our presentations plus some of the actual presentations (if completed on Google) below. We had such a huge range of questions and topics covered – from Dinosaurs, reptiles such as snakes and lizards to the Haka and Harry Potter!

We absolutely loved doing Genius Hour for the first time this term and can’t wait to begin next term! Miss Fraser is super proud of our efforts in trying to answer our big questions.

Snakes by Jackson, Phoenix & Ben:

The First Person on Earth by Jessica & Charlotte:

Dolphins by Tyler, Felicity & Sophie:

Dinosaurs by Alannah & Emma:

Bearded Dragons by Azmain:

Ancient Egypt by Patrick:

What was your favourite part of Genius Hour? What was something interesting that you learned? Have you started to think about your big question for Term 3 Genius Hour?