Mystery Skype!

On Thursday last week, we competed in our first ever game of MYSTERY SKYPE!


Mystery Skype is a game played over the video calling program Skype between two classes. We don’t know where the other class is and have to ask big questions to narrow down their location. We had to be so secretive that the people who were appearing in front of the camera had to turn their jumpers inside out so that the other school wouldn’t see our school logo!

Each person in the class was given a specific job to take on. The jobs and their responsibilities were;

  • Greeter – greets the class, goes over the rules for the game. May give a brief description of our class without giving away details.
  • Questioners – Ask the questions given to them
  • Answerer – Answers questions from the other class
  • Google Mappers – Use Google Maps to generate questions and narrow down where the other school is
  • Think Tank – Listen to the questions already asked and generate new questions
  • Note Takers / Reporters – take notes on what’s happening in the room and on the video call. Write a blog post from their notes.
  • Tweeter – sends out tweets from the class account as we are playing the game
  • Filters – decide which questions should be asked and hand them to the Questioners


We took turns in asking questions of the other class. Every time we got a ‘Yes’ answer, we were allowed to ask another question.

Eventually, we got down to the final questions. We started asking which school they could be…

We found out they were Holy Spirit Primary School in Ringwood North!

We won our first Mystery Skype!


Thank you to the wonderful 5/6B class at Holy Spirit for participating in our very first Mystery Skype. We are so keen to do another one soon!

What do you think went well in our first Mystery Skype? What didn’t work? Would you like to do another Mystery Skype? Have you ever participated in a Mystery Skype before?

19 thoughts on “Mystery Skype!

  1. Hi everyone,
    Mitch was very proud of you all for winning the mystery skype. It sounded like an awesome idea. Great work, it must have been fun finding the right questions to narrow it down to where they were from. Miss Fraser you are so on to all of this IT learning, hats off to you. 21st Century learning at it’s best!!!
    Wonder where the next school will be from….
    Great team work!!!
    Karen (Mitch’s mum) πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations on winning your first mystery Skype. Speaking to another school to find out their location must have been lots of fun. You must have asked some very important and clever questions to work out their location. Well Done!

  3. Dear Miss Fraser and Others,
    I really liked the Mystery Skype and I hope to do
    another one soon.
    I wonder who and were the next class will be.
    I think we did really well for our first go at Mystery Skyping.
    When we do it again I think we could beat whoever we go against next.

    From: Jess >-<

  4. Dear Miss Fraser and 3/4D,
    I hope that you liked the Mystery Skype.
    What was your favourite part about the Mystery Skype.

    From: Darcie πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Guys,
    Mystery Skype sounds like so much fun!!
    Did you win? Did it take a long time to figure out? It sounds like it could of been a bit challenging, but its always easier when working in a team.. Great team work!!

  6. Hi 3/4D,
    I can’t believe that we won even though they have don it before.
    I forgot if it was a 3/4 class or not.
    I loved doing the skype!
    I think it was a bit hard because of that we had to keep repting what we said because they couldn’t here us properly.
    The skype was a bit easy at the start because we asked all of the big questions at the start because if we didn’t we could have been looking in a different country.
    I also think we won because we were more organized.
    Next time we do a skype are we going to be at a different station?
    How many kids are in that class?
    How many questions did we get it in?
    From Amber πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. Hi everyone,
    Mystery Skype was awesome!!!!!! I was the runner. I liked how we all had to work together and that we zoomed into their school.We won!I am happy that we won and it was our first time. I had lots and lots of fun.Got to go bye πŸ™‚

    From Patrick :(:)

  8. Hi 3/4D,

    Mystery Skype seems really fun. I’ll have to get my class 3/4B to do Mystery Skype and see if we can guess there schools name.

    From Amy (Emma’s sister)

  9. Hi Year 3/4’s,

    Mystery Skype sounds like so much fun. I might have to try and organise one for my class – we couldn’t do it with you guys because we already know where you are!
    I think it would be great to do a Mystery Skype with a country that’s not Australia!

    Do any of you use Skype to communicate with relatives who live far away?

    From Miss T πŸ™‚

    • Hi Miss T,
      We are hoping to Skype with many different countries soon. Miss Fraser is looking into a longer school day for Term 4 so we can catch up with schools in other countries and match up some Timezones. Miss Fraser has used Skype many times to talk with her relatives overseas – her Dad used to work in lots of Asian countries, her brother lived in Japan for a short time and she has cousin in England.
      Thanks for leaving us a comment! You helped us all earn an “O for Other” code for our Family Blogging Month!
      From 3/4D

  10. I like your mystery skype it sounds like great fun. You must have asked all the right questions!!! Keep up all your good work!!!

  11. Pretty interesting, though a little bit dangerous because it could accidently set for a different school that speeks a different language. Also it could be fun. I wish I could do it too.

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