Maths in the School Yard

We teamed up with 3/4A to work together to find Maths in the school yard!


We had to get into groups of 4 and each group was given a set perimeter. We then took a trundle wheel outside and measured different shapes on the ground to try and find a shape that was that certain perimeter.


It was a little tricky at first but we used TRIAL and ERROR to find the shapes.

We enjoyed practising our measuring skills outside of the classroom.


Could you find a shape in your house that has a perimeter of 10m? What did you most enjoy about our perimeter task?

30 thoughts on “Maths in the School Yard

  1. Hi Class 3/4 D,

    I worked out that the perimeter of my work bench is 10 meters ! I hope you have all enjoyed working on your perimeter task.

    Mick ( Phoenix’s Dad )

    • hi dad I wonder what you measured your table with my group measured the basketball court with a trundle wheel i’m guessing you measured your bench with tape
      from phoenix in learning lizards

  2. Dear 3/4 A,
    I love the way you are applying a hands-on approach to mathematics! What did you find challenging about using the trundle wheel?
    Lauren W

    • Hi Aunty Lauren
      I didn’t find anything difficult about the trundle wheel.I really enjoyd the task.from Phoenix in learning lizards.

  3. Hi Phoenix this is a cool picture of you and your friends playing. Keep cool your buddy Aidan 🙂

    • Hi Aidan
      I’m glad you like my pictures we were focusing on measurement’s on the basketball court with a trundle wheel.
      From your bff in learning lizards.

  4. Hi 3/4D,
    I liked doing the Maths in the school yard.
    It was a bit hard for Alannah, Zach, Matt and Me to find our perimeter because we kept measuring lines not shapes.
    It was also hard for me because I kept holding the trender wheel the wrong way.
    My group finally found our perimeter on the oval.
    Our perimeter was the red down ball square.
    From Amber (in your class) 🙂

  5. I think it is great that you are learning perimeters Tyler. I think many bedrooms in houses would have a perimeter of 10 metres. What do you think? What is the perimeter of your bedroom? If you are good at measuring perimeters you may be able to help me measure up a new pergola at our house. I will need to understand the perimeter measurements to get a permit to build a new pergola.

  6. Hi guys,
    Love the pics. Looks like you were having fun finding maths in the schoolyard. Doing maths and being out in the fresh air – awesome. Keep up the great work.
    Melissa (Eric’s Mum)

  7. Hello,
    I am Phoenix’s second cousin Michelle. I am currently overseas in New Zealand and I think this blog is great so I can see what Phoenix has been up to while I’m away.

  8. Hi Patrick and 3/4D.
    Our roller door has a perimeter of approximately 10 metres. Its only a small garage and is a tight fit. It’s great to see you outside doing hands on maths. Can you estimate the perimeter of a footy oval?

    Regards Marg

    • Hi Nan,

      That’s a hard one! Well at first I thought about the 50 metre line on the football field as a start to work out the total perimeter. But then I remembered that I used to run 400 metres and 1200 metres at little athletics. The 1200 was approximately 1 & 1/2 times around the oval so the perimeter must be less than this but more than 400 metres which is about half of the oval…so it might be 800 metres in perimeter but would depend on the actual oval.Like the MCG is bigger than Etihad Stadium. Thanks for putting on a hard question on the Blog for me to answer.

      From Patrick x

  9. Hi 3/4D!

    What a great activity! I wish I had outdoor maths activities when I was back in school :). Keep working hard guys and I loved the pics!
    Stephanie (Work with Tyler’s dad )

  10. how long did it take to measure? what shape did you measure? did you have fun?
    from logan (Felicity’s Cousin)

    • Hi Aunty Brooke
      I’m glad you think we were having fun because we did enjoy it and thankyou for commenting.
      from Phoenix

  11. wow looks like fun maybe I should ask Miss Alex if we should do that with someone class. who was in your group was it fun?

  12. Tyler, It is great to see you working on perimeter measurements, your dad does not understand these. He needs help with his numbers and maths and next time you have a class focusing on addition and subtraction you may wish to invite him. I will continue to follow your informative blogging.
    Go Roos!!!!!!!

  13. Hey Mitch! Good to see you’re getting hands on with the Trundle wheel. I’ve had to use it many times to measure out running tracks for athletes to run on. I’m sure you could give me some pointers next time!

    Keep up the great work.
    Uncle Lucas

  14. Hi Eric,
    Looks like you and your class are having a great time outside with the trundle wheels! Thanks for inviting to me to see what you’re doing in your classroom, how lucky to be able to be outside and learning in the fresh air!

    From Kim (Eric’s cousin)

  15. I remember using the trundle wheel at school and I still use one now at work as an Electrician, I use it to measure cable runs. Keep up the good work!

  16. Hi 3/4D,
    Last year my class did a task where you have to draw your own house on doted paper and measure the perimeter. It was fun. Have you ever done that before?

  17. Dear 3/4d,
    I most enjoyed when my group found our shape because we found it when everyone was walking to the classroom when we found it. I did not find anything that was 10m because I did not know what to measure it with. What did you use?
    From Felicity

  18. Hi Eric, I think it is really wonderful that your class has taken maths outside. How very creative your class has been and a great way to make maths lots of fun. I loved seeing all the photos too. Keep up the creative thinking!

  19. Hi Patrick.
    My cubby house has a perimeter of about 10m. Mum and I counted the dimensions using big steps – not as accurate as you using a trundle wheel!
    From Griffin

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