IMAX & Melbourne Museum

On Monday, all 3/4 classes traveled on a bus to the Melbourne Museum. We went to the Museum and IMAX cinema because we are studying Our Earth. Our big question to answer is “How does the Earth work and what can we do to care for it?”

When we arrived, we split up into our Inquiry Workshops groups before we went on a small wander around the Museum. At the beginning of term, each 3/4 student was allowed to choose a workshop to complete to learn about whichever part of the Earth they were most interested in. The workshops we were allowed to choose from were; Mythology/Astrology, Natural Disasters, Evolution/Animal Habitats, Dinosaurs, Geology and The Big Bang/Space.

We then had booked sessions to attend so half of us went to the galleries and the other half of the group had snack outside. The exhibits we were booked in to visit were Dynamic Earth, 600 Million Years: Victoria Evolves, First Peoples & Dinosaur Walk.

Miss Fraser took the Dinosaurs group. In our free time to wander around, we went to the Mind, Marine Life, Bugs Alive & the Wild exhibits. We were booked in to the Dinosaur Walk. We saw many interesting fossils and dinosaur bones.

After the Museum, we went to IMAX cinema to watch the film ‘The Earth Wins’. The movie was a documentary showing what the natural forces of Earth are capable of. We saw images Hurricane Katrina and the bushfires of Black Saturday in Kinglake which was quite sad but made us more aware of the devastating impact that natural disasters can have.

We have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about what we’re interested in this term and hope to do more of it next term.

What was your favourite part of the excursion? What workshop were you taking part in this term? What was your favourite part of the excursion?

Mystery Skype!

On Thursday last week, we competed in our first ever game of MYSTERY SKYPE!


Mystery Skype is a game played over the video calling program Skype between two classes. We don’t know where the other class is and have to ask big questions to narrow down their location. We had to be so secretive that the people who were appearing in front of the camera had to turn their jumpers inside out so that the other school wouldn’t see our school logo!

Each person in the class was given a specific job to take on. The jobs and their responsibilities were;

  • Greeter – greets the class, goes over the rules for the game. May give a brief description of our class without giving away details.
  • Questioners – Ask the questions given to them
  • Answerer – Answers questions from the other class
  • Google Mappers – Use Google Maps to generate questions and narrow down where the other school is
  • Think Tank – Listen to the questions already asked and generate new questions
  • Note Takers / Reporters – take notes on what’s happening in the room and on the video call. Write a blog post from their notes.
  • Tweeter – sends out tweets from the class account as we are playing the game
  • Filters – decide which questions should be asked and hand them to the Questioners


We took turns in asking questions of the other class. Every time we got a ‘Yes’ answer, we were allowed to ask another question.

Eventually, we got down to the final questions. We started asking which school they could be…

We found out they were Holy Spirit Primary School in Ringwood North!

We won our first Mystery Skype!


Thank you to the wonderful 5/6B class at Holy Spirit for participating in our very first Mystery Skype. We are so keen to do another one soon!

What do you think went well in our first Mystery Skype? What didn’t work? Would you like to do another Mystery Skype? Have you ever participated in a Mystery Skype before?

Maths in the School Yard

We teamed up with 3/4A to work together to find Maths in the school yard!


We had to get into groups of 4 and each group was given a set perimeter. We then took a trundle wheel outside and measured different shapes on the ground to try and find a shape that was that certain perimeter.


It was a little tricky at first but we used TRIAL and ERROR to find the shapes.

We enjoyed practising our measuring skills outside of the classroom.


Could you find a shape in your house that has a perimeter of 10m? What did you most enjoy about our perimeter task?