Family Blogging Afternoon

Today, the Learning Lizards invited their family members to come into their classroom for a Family Blogging Afternoon!


Students made invitations either using paper or Microsoft Publisher on the computers to give to a special person in their family.

We had mums, dads, aunties, grandparents and other family members come along.

First, Miss Fraser gave a quick speech about why we blog in our classroom and the benefits of blogging, such as improvements in literacy, community building, geography & internet safety.

The students and their special visitor then had a challenge to complete! They had to visit our blog and other blogs to help answer the questions on the quiz.

When they finished the challenge, students showed their special visitor how to write a good quality comment.


Well done to the winners of our challenge – Charlotte and her Mum, Rose!


Check out our photos:

What a fabulous afternoon full of fun and learning! Thank you to everyone for coming!


How did you enjoy the Family Blogging Afternoon? Who did you invite?

What do you like about blogging?

What tips would you give to new bloggers?

28 thoughts on “Family Blogging Afternoon

  1. I really enjoyed coming into your classroom today, thankyou for having me. I loved watching the elephant toothpaste and looking at Phoenix’s snake information page.

    I cant wait for Phoenix’s relatives to look at your learning lizards blog and hopefully write lots of comments.

    (Phoenix’s mum )

    • Hey Casey,
      Thanks for coming in today. I know Phoenix really enjoyed having you there. How cool was the Elephant’s Toothpaste science video? The kids loved it when I showed them.
      Hopefully Phoenix will teach lots of his relatives how to leave a good quality comment – like he has taught you already!
      From Miss Fraser πŸ™‚

  2. Jackson thoroughly enjoyed having his Papa there today, and he just spent some time showing me through the blog site. Awesome work everyone!!

  3. It was awesome being part of the blogging challenge today. Eric taught me quite a bit. I think you are all doing a terrific job. Congrats to Charlotte and Rose for winning the challenge.

    From Melissa (Eric’s mum)

  4. Thanks Miss Fraser and 3/4D for having us in yesterday afternoon. I really enjoy spending time in your classroom, getting to know you all…and see how Mitch learns!!! You guys rock and I can see Miss Fraser is doing an awesome job being your teacher. I love the way Miss Fraser says “Class Class” and you all reply with “Yes Yes”. I am studying to be a teacher and can learn from you all….
    Have a great weekend:)

    Karen (Mitch’s mum).

  5. What a fun afternoon at the Blogging Challenge. The students are really competent. Great emphasis on safety. Soooo glad I came. Thanks to Miss F for organizing and special thanks to Katie for inviting me.
    Des (Katies Pa)

  6. Thanks 3/4D and Miss Fraser for opening up your classroom for us all to share in our children’s learning journey. Being an active participant enhances the relationship between school and home. Keep up the good work guys. Learning is fun :))

  7. I heard what a fun afternoon Felicity’s Auntie Leath had with Felicity at the family blog challenge yesterday!. Looking at the photos it looks like they worked hard! I hope you get all the family commenting this month Felicity.
    from Wezz (Felicity’s Uncle)

  8. Hello from Singapore Changi International Airport on my way back home from India πŸ™‚ Rod (Mitch’s Dad)

    • Hello Rod!
      Not long until you are back in the country. I hope you have enjoyed your trip. Just India this time? My partner and I are looking to travel to Asia very soon (hopefully) and we will definitely be visiting Hong Kong & Vietnam.
      From Miss Fraser πŸ™‚

      • You will love Vietnam Miss Fraser, Mitch’s dad and I went there 2 years ago…totally amazing experience. We also went to HK and Singapore last year and they were cool, alot more Westernized than Vietnam though. Love love love the food from this part of the world….
        Karen (Mitch’s mum).

        • Hi Karen,
          That’s exactly where we’re looking to go! We do want a bit of a mix between the East and West experiences. I have been to Hong Kong before and loved it! I love how busy it is and the markets. I don’t think we ate a lot of the food when we were there though.. I will definitely have to try some in Vietnam! If I remember correctly, my mum had such an aversion to the food in Hong Kong that we even ate at an Italian restaurant there instead! Fancy travelling to Asia to eat at an Italian restaurant!
          From Miss Fraser πŸ™‚

  9. Dear Miss Fraser,
    I had a wonderful time yesterday at the Family Blogging Challenge.
    I did it with Amber and Belinda (my Auntie).
    I think I did really well and hope to do it again soon.
    The Family Blogging Challenge was really fun and I think I learnt a lot from it.

    From: Jess

    • Hi Jess,
      I think you should be very proud of your efforts at the Family Blogging Afternoon. You did awesome in the Challenge and you must’ve been a great teacher to your Aunty Belinda because she has left a great quality comment on our blog! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’d love to do something like this again soon! My brain is working overtime to think of something for maybe next term…
      From Miss Fraser πŸ™‚

  10. Hello to all students at Killara 3/4D what a lovely way to bring families into your classes. Keep up the good work.
    Lorraine (Eric’s Nan)

  11. Hi 3/4d
    It was great to see the families coming into the classroom to support the 3/4’s with the blogging challenge. Great job kids

  12. I bet it was very fun all the way your blog looks amazing lots of lizards to.e world?

    what’s the largest lizard in the world

  13. I think that some blogging tips are to leave positive comments and be nice and join in with others and have fun but not rude fun enjoy πŸ™‚ P.S I think you guys are cool

  14. It was fantastic seeing all the students focused and hard at work during the the Blog challenge.

  15. Hi 3/4D,

    Wow…how awesome has the creative learning been in your class over the last few weeks!!! I have been hearing all about your various learning challenges in the classroom and have been eagerly viewing the Learning Lizards Blog with our family. I hope you all are enjoying this fantastic opportunity to extend your knowledge in fun and unique ways! Can’t wait to be involved in the next blogging activity in the classroom or from afar! Excellent efforts class 3/4D πŸ™‚ Keep having fun…

    Love and Laughter


  16. Hi to 3/4 D,

    It was a pleasure joining in the blog activity in the class room, and especially sitting with Jackson with both of us learning and solving the problems. I learned so much myself, but fall way short of the class room knowledge. Thank you for the invitation and congratulations to all the class for their good behaviour and making me so welcome.

  17. Hi 3/4D, what a great idea getting your families involved in blogging. I have learnt a lot about blogging and would love to tell my teachers about this interesting topic.You are very lucky doing this at your school.

  18. Looks like you all had a lot of fun at the “Family Blogging Afternoon”. What a great way to learn interactive computing.
    Well done.

  19. Hi Miss Fraser and 3/4D, thank you for inviting me to be a part of the family blogging challenge last week. I had lots of fun and enjoyed spending time in the classroom with Emma. We had fun doing the quiz together and I was impressed by Emma’s knowledge of blogging and navigating the internet. She showed me her project on dinosaurs and continents of the world that she has been doing with Alannah. Keep up the good work.

  20. Hi all – great idea to invite your families into this. Such a good idea that I’ll have to see if we can copy your idea over here in New Zealand at my son’s school. Love the practical way you are applying maths to the outside of the class – the measuring wheel must have been fun.


  21. Dear 3/4D and Miss Fraser,
    Did you like the challenge and congratulations Charlotte for winning.
    My sister went with Belinda our Auntie.
    Do you want to do it again.
    What was your favourite bit.

    From: Darcie πŸ™‚ (Darcie Jessica’s sis)

  22. I really enjoyed coming to the classroom it is just done up so well and with all the things around the classroom it looks as if you enjoy learning.Hayley also enjoyed the afternoon seeing the animals on the wall.
    Teali’s Grandma

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