Alpha Productions: Cinderella

On Monday, we watched the Alpha Productions of Cinderella.

The Alpha Cast

The Alpha Cast

Alpha Productions are a fantastic company of actors who perform well known stories and include modern music. Yesterday, we got to see their performance of Cinderella. We loved Lachie, who played the Step-Mother!

The Step Mother

The Step Mother


What was your favourite part of Cinderella? Who was your favourite character?

15 thoughts on “Alpha Productions: Cinderella

  1. Boldrick was my favourite character he was so funny. I loved how he acted. I think the best part was when the EVIL step Mother and the step sisters come in the Palace and sang “let me take a selfy “.

    Patrick 3/4D :()

    • Hi Patrick,
      Thanks for leaving a comment in your own time! I really enjoyed that part of Cinderella too. I love the way that Alpha manage to work in popular songs into their shows… I think that’s the best part.
      See you tomorrow,
      Miss Fraser 🙂

      • Hi Miss Fraser,

        Thanks for leaving me a reply. I also loved all the popular songs in the production. But my other favourite part was their jokes and funny acting. See you tomorrow.

        Keep smiling 🙂

        Patrick :)(

  2. Hi class

    My favourite character was the mouse because I loved the way he acted and made every one laugh

    From Eric

  3. Hi Learning Lizards
    I absolutely loved the Cinderella production. My favourite character was the evil stepmother.I thought he was hillarious. Jamie really enjoyed it also.

    From Melissa (Erics Mum)

  4. Dear 3/4 d,
    My favourite character was Cinderella because she is so kind no matter how other people treated her. My favourite part was when they sang Story of my Life and the sword fight it was pretty cool. What was your favourite part.
    From Felicity

    • Hi Felicity,
      My favourite part was when the Step-Sisters and Step-Mother came into the palace for the Ball and started singing “Let Me Take a Selfie”. I thought it was very clever how they managed to work in popular songs. I didn’t really understand why there was a sword fight to be honest. What do you think?
      From Miss Fraser 🙂

  5. Hi Erics class,

    I loved the Cinderella show. I watched it with mum and I got excited when the naughty stepmother gave me a high five

  6. Hi Miss Fraser, I like your pictures of Cinderella. I loved the songs, my favourite song was “Happy”. My favourite character was Cinderella, she was beautiful in the blue dress. Blue is my second favourite colour.

    Isabella (Mitchell’s little sister).

  7. Hi Phoenix what character did you play in the play Cinderella? Maybe you can tell me next time I see you. Hope you are having fun looking at all messages on your blog.

    Love Milly xx

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