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A couple of weeks ago, Miss Fraser tried to trick us and told us that all of the continents in the world were formed by one man digging a lot of big holes and filling them with water. She said that even though the land was once connected, it is now separated ย by water because of this man digging holes.

We knew Miss Fraser wasn’t right. But could we prove her wrong? How?

We had a couple of sessions to research and then share our learning with the class. We found out that;

  • Earth is a rock planet
  • There was something called a “continental drift”
  • There was once a large land mass called Pangea – also known as the “supercontinent”
  • As magma below the Earth’s crust moves and circulates, it causes the shift of tectonic plates. As the plates move, so too do the continents on top of the plates
  • Pangea began forming about 300 million years ago, was fully together by 270 million years ago and began to separate around 200 million years ago


**Miss Fraser is extremely proud of our researching skills and finding information all by ourselves (with the help of our partners and other class members.)**

We can’t wait to do another SOLE activity!


What did you find out from your SOLE research? Do you think you could prove Miss Fraser wrong? What was the best part of learning SOLE style?

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  1. Dear 3/4dD and Miss Fraser,
    It was fun to work together and research.
    Pangea did not come up for me witch website was it.
    From Felicity.

  2. Hi miss Fraser I loved the sole presentation we improved on our performing skills and we all tried to prove you wrong but some us could not do it because the question that you gave us it was very hard to answer .

  3. Dear miss Fraser and 3/4,
    we enjoyed the sole research we cant wait to do more research. And next time could do it by our self.
    from Patrick and Jackson

  4. Hi Miss Fraser me charlotte and amber liked sole presentations . We learned lots about earth .We had lots of fun.Bye love from Mia.

  5. Hi Miss Fraser and 3/4D,
    We learnt lots about Earth in the SOLE Presentations.
    We think we both proved Miss Fraser wrong.

    From Jess and Charlotte ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. hello 3/4D my favourite thing about sole was looking at info because there was a lot of info :/ from Brodie Matt

  7. Hi there learning lizards I would like to congratulate you on how well you have been working you guys are the best class to be working with and of course there is Miss Fraser who brightens up our day.

    From Teali

    • Hi Learning Lizards! great job on opening and making this website up. I’m a grade 6 at Sunbury Heights ps!! good job and have fun everyone on this website! -{lolliepops/queen_bee21}

  8. hello 3/4D my favourite thing about sole was looking at info because there was a lot info :/ from Matthew brodie

  9. Hi Mrs Fraser, I am Jenny from 5Le. In my class,we have SOLE sessions aswell. In our SOLE session we research some question our teacher gave us. It was always fun collaborating with other and in the end of research we have to present to the whole class. I love SOLE session! Don’t you like it?

  10. Dear,Mrs Fraser

    My favourite part of sole session is presenting because I think presenting makes me feel confident when I got used to it.

  11. Hello Miss Fraser I am Jevons.chen from Mrs Goudis class.

    I learn S.O.L.E too, once I research about human rights.

  12. I liked reading about how the continents were made.
    The Aborigines have stories about how the world began. Australia is drifting north very slowly towards Papua New Guinea.

  13. Hi 3/4 learning lizards

    This term we are learning about migration.
    I found out from our SOLE research that migrants moved to Australia because of war,for a better job,more money,etc.

  14. hi my name is Steven l like reading about how the continents formed.The aborigines have stories about how the world began. Australia is drifting north very slowly Towarde Papua new guinea.

  15. Hello 3/4D and Miss Fraser (Learning Lizards),

    My name is Theresa from Campsie Public School at Sydney. We do S.O.L.E too ๐Ÿ™‚ (Self Organize Learning Environment) The best thing about S.O.L.E is when we work to together as a team and learning new things and it’s really fun ๐Ÿ˜€ Earth is a terrestial planet. Today my class S.O.L.E title is immagration to Australia Society. Sorry I didn’t answer you question. Thank you~!

    From: Theresa 5Le Teacher: Mrs Goudis

  16. I think your presentations are very nice i wish that i was there to hear your lovely speaches it looks so intresting i would love to be craft experts like you.

  17. Hello Miss Fraser and learning lizards,
    It is Lizzy from 5le

    Yes,I do believe I could prove Miss Fraser wrong with in a an hour with a partner.In sole we are learning about immigration,how about you?

  18. Dear 3/4D and Miss Fraser,
    Hi,my name is Eliza from 5LE Campsie Public School. We did SOLE in our class as well ๐Ÿ™‚ . I think it was a lot of hard work but fun.Searching up for information
    and writing it down is ok,but mostly, I prefer presenting it to the class ๐Ÿ™‚ .
    I think that SOLE is good because students can get together and cooperate.

    Eliza 5LE Campsie Public School

  19. Dear 3/4D and miss Fraser,
    ( learning lizards )
    My name is Aaushka from Campsie public school from Sydney we also do sole.It is really fun ๐Ÿ™‚ and give you a lot of information that you did not know before. Today we did sole in the morning and our topic was WHAT IMPACT HAS IMMAGRATION IN AUSTRAILA.


  20. Hi Aaushka,
    I am Patrick from 3/4D at Killara Primary School. SOLE is awesome isn’t it?How did you go? I hope I get more info on SOLE soon, as our topic was “How were the continents formed?” Don’t you think this is a good goal for me? If you want you can have this goal too.

    From Patrick ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Dear Miss Fraser and others,
    For people that don’t know what S.O.L.E is this is what it stands for (self organised learning environment)
    We think we learnt loads of new things in S.O.L.E.
    We hope to do S.O.L.E next term.

    From: Jess and Amber ๐Ÿ˜›

  22. Hi from Mitch’s Dad writing from Sydney International Airport on my way to Shanghai, China.

    I will try and post a blog from China if they let me. In China the government controls a lot of the social media so you can not use certain websites in China, for example “Facebook”.

    I am going to be eating a lot of authentic Chinese Food this week, yummo ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great week everyone.

    Best regards

  23. Good morning,

    This morning I am blogging from Incheon, South Korea while I have my breakfast. The time here is 7:53 am, South Korea is only one behind Melbourne Time.

    The total population in South Korea is 49 million. It has more than twice the population of Australia.

    South Korea is a very well developed country and economy. Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Kea are big South Korea Companies.

    Also the lattes are excellent here.

    Have a nice day,

    Rod (Mitch’s Dad)

    • Dear Rod,
      Thanks for leaving such a great quality comment on our blog. We love seeing all your comments from all over the world! Miss Fraser would love to try a South Korean latte. Mitch would like you to send a latte to everyone in the class please. (Extra for Miss Fraser!)
      Thank you for those facts on South Korea. We have been looking at different continents and countries as we study the Earth. We think that it is amazing that South Korea has twice the population of Australia!
      Are you very busy with your work over there?
      From 3/4D ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Hello from Seoul, South Korea
    Today I am in Seoul the capital of South Korea. The population of Seoul is 10 million.

    It is is summer here and the temperature is around 30 degrees C.

    I like to eat the local Korean Food when I am here. Yesterday for lunch I had Sam Kye Tang (Chicken Gingsing Soup) it is very nutritious and tasty.

    Yes it has been busy Miss Fraser. My job is to manage a team of Sales People in Asia Pacific and also to sell directly myself. We sell temperature recording devices to the Pharmaceutical Industry so that they can monitor the temperature of their temperature sensitive drugs and vaccines while they are being stored and transported around the world. South Korea is a large up and coming country in terms of Biopharmaceutical manufacturing and our business is growing here.

    I am also travelling with one of my colleagues from Boston, USA. We are at a Customer Seminar this afternoon to educate them on the European Pharmaceutical Regulations called EU-GDP. GDP stands for Good Distribution Practice.

    Have a great day everyone, Rod (Mitch’s Dad)

  25. Hi everyone from 3/4D, and hello to my husband Rod!!! Well done on these great facts. Can you students see where Korea is on the map?

    I love learning about places, and try and show Mitch and his brother and sisters where countries their daddy visits are on our globe at home, as well as the capital cities of these countries.

    Where will Rod be next???

    Karen (Mitch’s mum) ๐Ÿ™‚

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